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Chelverton House Limited (CHL) was a network of independent, senior consultants providing professional consultancy services to corporate clients and small businesses alike. Formed in 1989, it showed itself to be a competitive and effective way of working for the benefit of the clients, providing a mixture of consultancy, communications and training.

The company is now closed and thus links to associate consultants and their related services have been removed from the site.

The former director Stephen Helms is now mostly retired, continues to use the name Chelverton House and is occupied mostly with charitable / non-chargeable activities such as those referred to in 2015 - 2020 Comments.

During the last five years he has created a WordPress web site in French & English concerned with the Twinning of a French village with an English village in Wiltshire. The site documents the history, the formal ceremonies and the news and events between the two with descriptions, images, videos and downloadable materials. (See https://sorigny-comitejumelage.com/welcome/ if interested).

Stephen remains open to projects which may be serviced as a freelance consultant or on a charitable basis. Please use the Contact Form or send a text to the UK mobile (+44 (0)7913 793 301) initially to contact him.

Latest Updates 18 February, 2021:

For the latest comments, see 2021 Comments.

See also the comments from previous clients: Clients / Comments

Chelverton House can provide the wide range of services described below. For more details just click on the buttons on the left or the links below:


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  • Technical writing / technical authoring
  • Copy writing / journalism
  • Format and design of templates
  • Selection of documentation & image tools
  • On screen systems / web sites (online Help, Intranet and Internet, Training, Videos)
  • Paper documentation (documents for printing & publishing, Acrobat PDF files, quality documents, procedures, product specifications, agreements, training)
  • Single-sourcing (Developing quality source documents which can be used for paper or on screen production)
  • Compact Disks (educational, informational, entertaining)

Business Consultancy