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CHL training courses include introductions to mainframe and PC computing and software, programming and systems development, interpersonal skills, job search, interviewing, management and consulting skills and accounting principles.
Special courses are developed for clients introducing computer systems to non-computing staff.
CHL can also provide packaged training for organizations to undertake their own training.

Chelverton House Training

Training is an essential and integral part of everyone's daily life - we all need and receive guidance and practice in all our activities both at home and at work. In the work context it is a normal management responsibility to show staff how and what needs to be done. Clearly however, managers cannot be expected to either know all the appropriate detail or have the time to spend with each individual in the team. So, the practical solution is for a third party to provide the consistent and thorough training in line with the manager's and employee's expectations. The training solution may be tutorial, a formal course or occasional consultations to assist with specific problems but always with one key element: following the training, the trainee can understand or perform tasks that were not previously possible.

CHL consultants all have over twenty years experience and enjoy their role in transferring their practical skills to managers and staff in client organizations. "Putting experience back into business" is a phrase that sums up much of the consultancy and training work performed by CHL since starting operations in 1989.

CHL training reflects the range of skills and disciplines of our consultants and is in the main areas listed by the links below.

Some of the titles of CHL courses are shown in this web site and for each there is available a detailed course specification providing details of the intended audience, duration, the sessions and exercises or case study.

Training Videos

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to provide ongoing training for valuable staff is to provide it online on your own Intranet.

CHL has invested considerable effort in using some of the latest tools to produce educational / training videos. These are short (2-10 minutes) new or refresher videos focused on topics that staff may well have introduced or  learned at some point, but if not used or not used regularly demand a quick refresh.

See also Screen Films and Video in the Documentation section.


When you need more information just email or call on +44 (0) 20 8788 7458 and we will be delighted to help.