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Throughout 2007 and to April 2008, CHL provided the interim Communications Management function for EUROCONTROL in Brussels. This required the full range of communication skills including:

  • Journalism in English and French, photography, newsletter publishing & design using Adobe InDesign and Acrobat Professional
  • Launch of the new IT (MIS) service organization, Service Desk and instant feedback system
  • Development of regular IT reports for Director Finance
  • Training videos for Word, Excel, Outlook and TeamSite using Ulead Video Studio and Camtasia
  • PowerPoint presentations including six with voice overs for the management teams
  • Development of significant documents (Business Plans, Annual Reports, Project Management)
  • Translation / writing / editing sensitive e-mails
  • Administration of the corporate document management solution Hummingbird (now owned by OpenText).

In addition, a significant portion of the work was online and concerned the use of the web content management system Interwoven TeamSite (see Interwoven web site):

  • Portal and e-mail network announcements through the Intranet & e-mail
  • Maintenance of the existing web site
  • Information architecture and web site design for the new web site
  • Launch and maintenance using Interwoven TeamSite.

The existing web site comprised hundreds of pages, many of which were not directly accessible from the menu structure and required familiarization and maintenance for the first 10 months of the project. Maintenance continued using a version no longer supported by Interwoven (v5.5.2) until autumn 2007 when the system was upgraded to v6.7.1.

In the meantime, for the new site, the information architecture was broadly established and coherence with the corporate design achieved, together with some unique design features to assist the 2500 person user base. One of the main drivers for the new web site was to provide information which could be found more easily by each of the user groups. Consequently, content was classified into three main sections:

  • Services - the principal MIS Home Page and providing the Service Catalogue for users needing information on existing or new services
  • Projects - of interest to project stake holders sharing a common interest in the project disciplines in use
  • Organization - basic information about MIS, its organization, policies, standards, governance and project processes.

While these three ‘branches’ were developed separately, access to all three from their main menus was maintained. The facilities to add news items or events, together with useful glossary and acronym lists and relatively complex HTML tables were also used to advantage.

Click on the images below to see in a pop up Window each of the three branch Home Pages with customized banners, the Acronyms interface, a complex Hardware table and the additional help provided by a site map. The site maps were created using Visio, saved as .gif files and included in a TeamSite form or template for publishing. This is labour intensive and requires manual maintenance but was considered worthwhile for the early days of the site since there was not an automated system available.


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