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Stephen Helms

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  • For a chronological list of recent projects spanning documentation, consultancy and training see Projects.


Stephen was a consultant and documentation specialist with a consistent record of achievement in international communications. As the interface between technical and business people he produced high quality web sites, documentation, training courses and videos on time and on budget. He is adept at developing / using documentation standards for complex financial and technology organisations and training staff in using the latest software tools.

He established and managed CHL from 1989 to 2015 producing clear and concise calls for tender, proposals, reports, business plans, procedures, help systems and web sites for international clients in finance, telecommunications & IT, broadcasting, tourism and in European administration.

Stephen Helms is now retired and is occupied with charitable / non-chargeable activities. Recently he has created a WordPress web site in French & English concerned with the Twinning of a French village with an English village in Wiltshire. (See https://sorigny-comitejumelage.com/welcome/ if interested).

Recent Professional Activity

This section provides highlights of Stephen’s recent professional activity. For a chronological list of recent projects spanning documentation, consultancy and training see Projects.

Design & Development

  • Designed and built Intranet / Internet systems / web sites, Help and Acrobat files, context-sensitive, on-screen help, technical reference documents, procedures, training and video materials for corporate clients, banking and finance, and broadcasting.
  • Development of Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Wiki and Content Management System for the business processes and computer systems used for nearly €7bn of air route charges.
  • Developed software and applications documentation, company brochures, newsletters, direct mail and press release items and established in-company standards for organisations and consultancies Designed standards and templates for Internet, documents, complex forms and presentation.
  • Documentation for a Java, ORACLE-based purchasing system for selecting / managing experts for the European Commission. Wrote User Manual, Business Rules & Use Cases; managed & developed the HTML5 web help system.
  • Developed the French (subtitled & voice-over) and German (subtitled) videos of ‘How to use ’Visorcat’, Marketing and Investment Pitch videos for Business angels.
  • Designed, developed and maintained the web site for the host broadcast company for the 2002 FIFA World CupTM together with daily newsletters, maintenance & support procedures.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) questionnaires, preparation, testing and remediation advice. SOX documentation for hardware vendor’s accounting and IT issues in Paris and London.

Communications / Web Management

  • Communications Manager & web master for the European Air Traffic Control organisation. Used TeamSite web content and CDMS document management software. Created innovative documentation standards / templates and annual reports and business plans, newsletters, service delivery documentation and educational videos.
  • Managed SOX testing project in four countries for a major ITIL-based American chemical company.
  • SOX project for a mobile top-up services company in the UK. Delivered documentation standards, key controls, interviews and Narratives for internal and external auditors.

Commercial Documents

  • Editorial support for construction project proposals of 85m+, wrote business proposals in recruitment, IT and telecoms, EFQM quality documentation, Drug Safety materials.
  • Developed €8M proposal for a mobile private network (MVPN) and circuit switched session control (CSSC).)
  • Developed €5M Call for Tender for system re-development of air route charges system.


  • Developed SharePoint 2010 Help system and trained administrators and users.
  • Developed and presented a customized Technical Writing training course for Eircom.
  • IT Operations & Security Compliance Documentation (COBIT, ITIL, SOX, CLERP) – Development & training for 180 delegates of a 400 strong IT organization in Eircom, (Irish Telecommunications). Developed online training version of course of IT Operations & Security Compliance course.
  • Trained the 2002 FIFA World CupTM documentation team.


  • Continuous research to ensure up to date with current technology to perform on projects including ISO, ITIL, EFQM, Wikis, Sarbanes-Oxley, IFRS, Agile, SCRUM, Video development, video screen capture and editing, ePublications.
  • Trials and purchased software for documentation, processes, image, video and help / web development.
  • Knowledge and experience of hardware and software development lifecycles with a good conceptual understanding of enterprise architecture, Internet technologies and Microsoft technologies.

Business Management

  • Founded CHL in 1989 in London & Paris (CHL is a network of consultants working in computing, marketing, human resources and finance). Established CHL as a documentation developer, trainer and vendor.
  • Project Management and development of all client projects.
  • BIS Training Marketing & Sales Management in 1976 managed a team of 18 (5m+ by 1989).
  • Managed teams of staff developing company literature and press material and psychometric tests.

Software Skills

Applications Systems

ERP (including JD Edwards) telecommunications, accounting systems (Sage), office suites, Desk Top Publishing, on-screen development, project management, scanning and OCR systems, document management systems, web content management, SAP supplier time and expense recording / travel booking.

Programming languages

Basic, PLAN, FORTRAN, Algol, HTML. Documentation for systems written in most languages including Java.

Operating systems

George III, UNIX, DOS and Windows 3.x, 9x, Windows NT / 2000, XP & Win 7, AS400, Citrix, Android, Kies.

Desk Top Publishing

Interleaf, Ventura, PageMaker, DeskPress, TimeWorks, Serif Publisher, MS Publisher, FrameMaker, Arbortext, Adobe InDesign, Acrobat, Word.

Word Processors / Spreadsheets / Shared Systems

Word, WordPerfect, AmiPro; MultiMate, DECMate, CEOWrite (DG), SAP GUI editors, Knowledge Warehouse/Epic. Visicalc, Lotus 123, Quattro, Excel, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Lotus Notes, Open Office, Plone, MediaWiki, WordPress, I.R.I.S. OCR, Dropbox.

On-screen documentation / web site development

Acrobat, Actinic Catalog (e-commerce), Captivate, Doc 2 Help, Flare, FlippingBook, ForeHelp, FrontPage, HDK, Interwoven TeamSite, NetObjects Fusion, Open Text Hummingbird, ReWorxs, RoboHelp, SAP Solution Composer, XDK.

Graphics / Imaging

Visio, Paint Shop Pro X6, PhotoShop, Corel Draw / Paint, Photostyler, Ulead Gif Animator, PhotoImpact, MicroGraphX, IconMaker, Image Robot, Illustrator, SmartDraw, Snagit, Snap.


MS PowerPoint, Lotus Freelance, Corel Presentations, Harvard Graphics.

Audio / Video

Audacity, Creative, Lotus ScreenCam, Microsoft Movie Maker, Adobe RoboDemo & Captivate, VideoStudio X6, Expo Walkthrough, Microsoft Producer, Pixela ImageMixer, Qarbon, TechSmith Camtasia.

Career History

Chelverton House Limited 1989 - 2015

Established and managed CHL from 1989 to 2015 producing clear and concise calls for tender, proposals, reports, business plans, procedures, help systems and web sites for international clients in finance, telecommunications & IT, broadcasting, tourism and in European administration.

BIS Applied Systems Limited 1976-1989
International Marketing Services Manager / Training Sales Manager / Computer Aptitude and Personality Test Services Manager. Included structured analysis, design and programming Programmes/Projects, database, communications lecturing, business planning and managing translations.

The National Computing Centre Limited 1974-1976
Regional Salesman: Target-based sales selling software, information services, education and standards.

International Computers Limited 1972-1976
Technical / Copy Writer: Writing software manuals and marketing and sales materials.

University of Reading 1969-1972
BSc Psychology Degree.

International Business Machines Limited 1969
Operations Support.

Royal Air Force 1966-1969
Pilot and Navigator.

Education & Professional Qualifications

Fellow & Member of ISTC (Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators) since 1993
Manager of CHL Network of independent, senior consultants
Numerous technology and soft skills courses for hardware, software, communication and management
B.Sc. (Hons) Psychology, University of Reading (1969-1972)


  • English (mother tongue) – expert written and spoken
  • French – competent in business and socially
  • Dutch / German / Greek – appreciation and limited understanding


Status: Single, Excellent health, Clean Driving Licence
Interests: Travel, current affairs, swimming, music, reading.

For a chronological list of recent projects spanning documentation, consultancy and training see Projects.