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Screen Films

Screen Films

Computer screen film productions by CHL looked like this:

With the pervasive use of internal company networks and standardized software, more users expect documents of assistance to be available at the touch of a button. This is not only possible but has become standard in many organizations. Internal procedure documents, standard letters or specific help on performing a software task can all be made readily usable by the new or sophisticated user.

Systems running under Windows can be given the professional finish through the development of context-sensitive on-screen help with procedures, hypertext, Find and Index facilities and Related Topics to improve the effective use of a crucial business system. Tutorial films can also be built into the system with either text pop-ups or voice commentary.

Films may be created using applications like Lotus ScreenCam, TechSmith Camtasia or Microsoft Producer. Or, films can be recorded as *.avi films and converted later to *.mpg or *wmv files to use less space. The benefit can be clear – a user, unsure of what to do, can click on a ‘Show me’ button and the film illustrates precisely what to do and the user is assisted by an automatic pop up containing explanatory text.

CHL started producing ScreenCam films many years ago for a client in the construction industry and for a CHL internal application.

CHL has produced online Compliance training for an Irish Telecom company (using Microsoft Producer) and a number of short training videos for a European organization on Microsoft Word, Outlook, a backup tool and Interwoven TeamSite (using Camtasia).

For an example see the sales introduction of the CHL Technical Writing course. You need Broadband and Internet Explorer 6 (Unfortunately Microsoft Producer is no longer supported) to view this file: Online Introduction.