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Online Reference

One online reference document system produced by CHL looked like this:

This was later converted to an HTML version and supplied on CD

With the pervasive use of internal company networks and standardized software, more users expect documents of assistance to be available at the touch of a button. This is not only possible but has become standard in many organizations. Internal procedure documents, standard letters or specific help on performing a software task can all be made readily usable by the new or sophisticated user.

Systems running under Windows can be given the professional finish through the development of context-sensitive on-screen help with procedures, hypertext, Find and Index facilities and Related Topics to improve the effective use of a crucial business system. Tutorial films can also be built into the system with either text pop-ups or voice commentary. Alternatively, reference systems can be built as HTML or HTML Help and delivered on Compact Disk.

It is possible to have a clear Glossary of Terms like the example shown below – all the user needs to do is to click on the button with the initial letter of the term being sought, and then scroll to select a term and click on it. For example, Sales Order Processing in the example:

A quick access Glossary saves time against a conventional paper glossary or dictionary

For another client we constructed a similar interface for a list of reference documents. In that case the button letters were the first letter of the title, but it could easily have been the author’s name.

Internet and Intranet solutions are increasingly being used for the distribution of information. The creation of World Wide Web pages such as those you are viewing can be a time-consuming task for the novice. CHL consultants can help you design and publish your information in this important medium.

CHL designed and developed reference systems for a major UK water research organization both as Help and HTML on CD and an Intranet reference system for essential computer systems and policy knowledge for a significant financial institution.

Note: Of course PDF files are also used for online reference documents and CHL has produced many such files using Adobe Acrobat Professional.