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PC Sales

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CHL is an authorised reseller of mainstream personal computer hardware and software. Sales continue based on the advice on hardware/software selection, software licensing and training in using the systems. CHL has installed a wide variety of applications: these include accounts, word processing, spreadsheets, and databases, together with other Windows systems such as desk top publishing, scanning and OCR systems, networks and communications.

Visit the CHL on-line catalog to order new or second user software. The hardware section will be increased in due course, so if you would like a quotation just call or email. Click on the CHL Shop button.


CHL is a consultancy business as well as a PC hardware and software re-seller and will provide you with some great benefits:

  • Clear advice and demonstration of systems to enable you to decide your requirements
  • Guaranteed products - no grey imports or suspect supplies
  • Tailored training and support to ensure you gain the business benefits you expect
  • Low overheads to enable very competitive pricing
  • Advice on corporate licensing and latest offers/changes

PC Hardware

Most people would agree - go for one of the mainstream PC vendors and you will not be disappointed. CHL is a re-seller of a number of major successful PC manufacturers.

From basic PCs to the most recent powerful PCs we can advise you and equip you to meet your requirements. DVD, CD ROMs and sound cards, modems, scanners and printers can all be configured to give you a system your competitors will envy.

PC Software

You need reliable software that works, keeps up to date with the latest techniques with good support. CHL will ensure that you choose the best to meet your needs through its authorised dealerships, see CHL Shop

This means we can provide you with the latest operating systems such as Windows 9x, NT, 2000, XP and all the latest office and home software: the current versions of the office suites from Corel, Microsoft and Lotus and workgroup and communications software like cc:Mail and Notes ... and much, much more!

CHL is a close associate of Republicorp (UK) Ltd the European Distributor of the Help and Internet Authoring tools HDK (Help Development Kit), XDK and Republico from Virtual Media / Republicorp. CHL provides and installs HDK, XDK and related development and training services. For a demonstration of what you can produce with XDK, click here

CHL is a software vendor and provides similar services for help authoring tools including:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Allaire homesite
  • Arbortext Adept
  • Author IT
  • Component One Doc-to-Help
  • Macromedia RoboHelp
  • Microsoft FrontPage
  • Virtual Media / Republicorp Hypertext Development Kit (HDK)
  • Virtual Media / Republicorp XDK

To order your copies click on the CHL Shop button or email CHL.

Training / Support

Acquiring legal software is easy - making it work for you may take a little more effort - by both you and us! On-site training or tutorials by experienced consultants can make sure that you can use systems effectively for your job. If the goal posts move and you need to do something new or different, you can rely on us to help either on the telephone or at your office.