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Onscreen Documentation

Onscreen / Online Documentation

With the increased use of internal company networks and standardised software, most users expect documents of assistance to be available at the touch of a button. This is not only possible but has become standard in many organizations. Internal procedure documents, standard letters or specific help on performing a software task can all be made readily usable by the new or sophisticated user. Conversions can be made relatively swiftly using a variety of Help Authoring Tools (HATs).

Systems running under Windows or on the Internet / Intranet can be given the professional finish through the development of context-sensitive on-screen help with hypertext and 'hot-spots' on graphics to improve the effective use of a crucial business system. Tutorial films can also be built into the system with either text pop-ups or voice commentary.

Internet and Intranet solutions are increasingly being used for the distribution of information. The creation of World Wide Web pages such as those you are viewing can be a time-consuming task for the novice. CHL consultants can help you design and publish your information in this important medium.

CHL was a close associate of Virtual Media Technology, the Distributor of the Help and Internet Authoring tools HDK (Help Development Kit) and XDK, for a long time. CHL has provided and installed HDK, XDK and related development and training services. For a demonstration of what you could produce with XDK, click here.

CHL was a software vendor and provided similar services for other help authoring tools (HAT) including:

  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Arbortext Adept / Epic
  • Author IT
  • Component One Doc to Help
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • NetObjects Fusion
  • MadCap Flare
  • Microsoft Front Page
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • TechSmith Camtasia

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CHL produces:

  • Internet systems (like this CHL Website using Net Objects Fusion)
  • Intranet systems (for clients, often using Content Management systems like TeamSite)
  • Context-sensitive Help for Windows 3x, 9x or NT systems
  • HTML Help
  • On-screen reference documentation (including portable document files on CD or local or remote server)
  • On-screen films of ‘How to’ using products like Camtasia or VideoStudio, see Screen Films and Video
  • Online training material comprising slides, video and audio
  • Status line text (Helpful text appearing at the bottom of a window in an application)
  • Templates for complex documents (for example, Purchase Orders or Reports in Word)

Often, business managers and software suppliers are providing both online and printable documentation (often in the form of Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files) on CD. Thus the user prints only those pages required and the supplier reduces print costs and hopefully benefits the environment.

To read about examples of CHL’s approach and the types of documents we can produce for you, see the other parts of this Documentation section:

Internet / Intranet (now in a separate section below Documentation)
Screen Films
Online Training  / Video

See also Projects by Stephen Helms.


Convert this:

19 books in company binders each 4 cm wide takes up 76 cm (or about 2 feet 6 inches) of shelf space.

How many sets in one user company?

Are they used?

Are they easy to keep up to date?


Imagine this for every user of a corporate ERP system!

To this:

One set of Windows Help files on a server.

Updated by Help authors.

Easy to access for quick reference.

isk space is increasingly inexpensive and help can be accessed from the network