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News - 2021



Following Covid restrictions in UK & FR.

Christmas & New Year messages re the health of friends, sad news re my partner’s loss of 3 ex- colleagues & a close friend.

Translation EN->FR of Thermostat instructions for a neighbour.

Produced a short film for the birthday of a close family member.

Recovering lost, old photos for my partner.

Testing Signal - possible replacement for WhatsApp: OK so far.

Web review for Belgian friend in Spain - Joris Plu.

Administration for London supply contracts.

Sad loss of my elderly  cousin - infected with Covid in hospital.

Thermostat FR


Web review for Joris Plu continued.

CV for professional French chef.

Servicing a commercial enquiry.

Recovery of old village photos.



See https://www.jorisplu.com/

Sorigny - Le Lavoir et l'Eglise et l'Aeolienne 400pxl