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2018 started for us in 2017 (it’s OK, I am not completely mad, nearly though). Just before we left on a long promised trip to visit my cousin and his wife in Canada, my dental bridge fell out.

On return following a molar cap and initial implant treatment much time was spent on research on dental implants – the theory, the practice and the costs of private treatment – disrupted by rail strikes on both sides of the Channel as well as delayed or cancelled flights, surgical stitching and prolonged delays


April meant another trip to Vichy - I drove my partner there, stayed for a few days and returned to the Touraine, then for continued implant activity which was proceeding according to plan.

Updates to the Twinning web site continued throughout this month and throughout the year.


In May, we returned to London, saw friends, hired a car, visited my cousin & friends in Portsmouth (being a pseudo-granddad / driving instructor) and swam in the sea.  We went to my Old Boys school dinner and drove further east in Sussex to see friends for lunch. Back to London we continued the top floor decoration and had drinks with friends in the Hurlingham Club. A great trip and flight back to the Touraine.


From March through to June I received some excellent advice and treatment in the UK to remove a small melanoma. A minor operation and a little patience, particularly with travel issues & the repair of scar tissue, gave very good results.


In July and what proved to be an error, I decided to purchase a new, high performance computer to speed up my development of the village’s Twinning web site and its videos, for which I have been responsible for the last few years.
Leaving out the details of the many faults and attempted corrections, the lengthy delays for replacement parts led to the return of the computer to the vendor and finally, full reimbursement. The whole affair took three months and left us distinctly fatigued.

Things were made worse by a disk crash on the old faithful Windows 7 laptop which had to be dealt with before any web development work could continue.


We had been invited again to return to visit our friend in Penang, Malaysia in late October, but we included a week in the middle in Phuket, Thailand, to give him a break.

I snorkelled on two local Thai islands and we were delighted with the spices and the appearance of the poisonous and carnivorous Komodo ‘dragon’, more than two metres from head to tail, within a few metres of us.


Brexit / Vestes Jaunes

2018 will of course be remembered and documented in history as the year where both the UK population and its parliament were divided in two (at least) by the emotive topic of ‘Brexit’ and the referendum of 2016.

France has been much affected by the ‘Yellow Vests’ movement so much disquiet on both sides of the Channel.

Despite being upset like many people we continued our lives in the UK and France and are still waiting for a degree of certainty in our future.