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News - 2016





  • Last month of the year so a mixture of retrospection and planning ahead.
  • Maintenance of Touraine property, car and computers.
  • Family contacts before leaving for Paris.
  • Also keeping up with the bad news of the present: Berlin bombing, Aleppo in Syria and so on.
  • Christmas mailings & replies.
  • Planning a trip: 2nd round the world with partner - a lot of interesting research.
  • To Paris for Christmas & good neighbours.


20161128_143733 Sainte-Trinité, Paris2 150

20161128_1618 Coupole, Lafayette, Paris 150

  • Continued swimming & gym exercise; pool temperature drop from 16C to 12C this month. Return to Paris, Republican Primaries surprises and visit to La Sainte Trinité & Galeries Lafayette.
  • Completed final video of Twining signing.
  • Laptop still presenting problems with added failure of video editing software - 8 days to solve with the vendor’s assistance but cause of delays with the Twinning web site.
  • Celebration of a relative’s 70th birthday at a nearby Gault & Millau selected restaurant - as good as ever.
  • Issue with UK ISP not quite resolved...not possible when outside the UK!
  • Lunch with old friend & mentor; dinner with tech writing & novelist associate; double glazing complete & scaffolding removed. Return to the Touraine via Paris.
  • Backup of data and recycling of old Dell 8400.
  • To London via Paris & Eurostar; scaffolding in place for final double glazing, gas boiler check and laptop service for fan but then with driver problems.

201610 Kuala Lumpur Petronas 150

201610 Hotel in Langkawi 150

  • Recovery, twinning videos and return to the Touraine - a good month!
  • Drove north via a tea plantation and enormous Tumpurung caves to Penang; Georgetown and flight to KL for 2 days touring & then Emirates flights to Dubai & Paris.
  • Drive south on the mainland past Ipoh and ferry to Pangkor for 3 days with our host: tour, beach days and a long swim to another local island.
  • Penang & National Park 6 Km walk in the humid heat - tiring but satisfying.
  • Ferry in bad weather to Langkawi for a lazy weekend - hotel on stilts.
  • Local area visits & Penang Hill, Botanical Gardens - great hospitality & nice loca people.
  • Emirates from Paris to Dubai & Kuala Lumpur. Onward Malaysian Air to Penang to stay with friend / ex-colleague.

201609 Twinning Ceremony 150

  • Back to the Touraine & later flight to London for Australian guest - London walks and a great visit to Canterbury.
  • Twinning web site updates and start of video editing. Final preparations and hotels & ferries for October.
  • Met partner and more Canadian cousins in Paris.
  • Australian guest in London & Eurostar to return to Paris.
  • Twinning Ceremony filming & participation - excellent.
  • Meeting & greeting some great people, pub food & skittles.
  • Car hire in London to go to Wiltshire for the Twinning Ceremony.

201608 Vichy L'Allier 150

  • To Paris, London; ordered final double glazing.
  • To Vichy with partner for her spa; walking round the city & by (and in) the river Allier - a pleasant week & my return to the Touraine: via swimming in the Cher.
  • Twinning translations & web site.
  • London gardening and meeting with Canadian cousins & family.
  • Flight to London Stansted with partner & sister; car hire: to London, Portsmouth and Windsor & return.
  • Guests from Paris.

201607 Garmin-nuvi 150

  • Flight purchases for August in London, October in Malaysia.
  • Pension / Investment issues.
  • Swimming and relaxing in the Touraine; house & garden maintenance.
  • Garmin GPS set up - a gift.
  • Planning travels & twinning issues & web site combined.
  • Project completion

201606 Les Flèches des Cathérales150

  • Drive to Paris & Eurostar to London.
  • Tractor repair.
  • Much work on the new project: a call for tender.
  • Calls, emails, meetings re pensions & investments.
  • Committee Meeting in Touraine re Twinning.

201605 Revels 150

  • Guests from Brittany.
  • Flight to London & hire care to go to ‘The Revels’ in the twinning Wiltshire village.
  • Pick up of products for sale at the Europe Day exhibition in the Touraine village.
  • To Brussels for an unexpected project for a supplier to the EC.
  • Jumelage reunion

2016-04-17 Salisbury Cathedral 150pxl

  • Wireless network printer issue fixed, replaced tractor carburettor (yes - me!) and updated chelverton.com website; more Twinning work and photo cleanups for old school association.
  • House & garden maintenance; purchases for the village Europe Day & return flight to Tours.
  • Flight from Tours to London for solicitor and a weekend visiting old school friends, the Twin town to be and an earlier client / friend near Salisbury.
  • More financial organisation and return to the Touraine for a week to work on the orchard and the local PC network.
  • To Paris and by Thalys to Brussels - very sad, traumatised atmosphere but great to see old friends and colleagues. Not really the Brussels I knew but I am sure it will recover.
  • More Twinning planning, Visorcat check up (from 2014 projects), Touraine maintenance & backups
  • Alas, a Belgian friend from the late 70’s is very ill.

IMG_20160403_090919 150pxl

  • Returned to the Touraine for continuing web site & other work.
  • Returned to Paris to learn of the Brussels bombings - spent two days checking on colleagues & friends.
  • Dinner with a friend / colleague of 30 years & returned to Paris for a flight & vacation in Mauritius - excellent.
  • Hire care to Portsmouth and locale for the weekend and to see friends & relatives.
  • Purchase analysis and on to London for new solicitor, local PC maintenance & financial planning.
  • To Paris for local administration, London planning & visit to a neighbours new twins.
  • Fixed next Brussels visit for next month.

2016-02-10 16.07.48_Orchard work 150pxl

  • Slight elbow damage following a slip on wet tiles.
  • Video software failure following Microsoft update - upgraded Corel photo and video software to solve the issue.
  • London follow up work, photo improvements & tagging,.
  • Touraine roof repair, tractor repair, Notaire for advice & pool maintenance.
  • Career advice for erstwhile Brussels colleague.

2016-01-25 12.52 Harpa8 150pxl

  • To Iceland for a super, long weekend; returned to Paris and the Touraine.
  • To Paris and on to London for personal issues / finance.
  • Continued work on the Twinning web site for the French & English villages (https://sorigny-comitejumelage.com/).