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Many good products and services have simply died through the lack of thorough marketing and sales work. A new or innovative product, a competitive service or even a regular item has come to grief through failure to have the power of marketing and sales geared up to support it.

CHL's network of consultants can bring the range of multi-disciplinary skills to bear as well as the specific marketing and sales experience you need. CHL Marketing & Sales work includes strategic decisions, marketing research and planning, promotional services and sales consultancy.

The marketing and sales expertise is often working for organizations in the IT business. Recent projects have included business advice for a major communications supplier, marketing support for a Finnish training company, market research in the outsourcing of IT services, a company naming exercise and the development of corporate/product literature for a software house in the city.

Marketing / Sales Consultancy

Projects include:

  • Business Plans and Annual Reports for a major European organization
  • Presentations with voice overs
  • Web site promoting internal MIS services using TeamSite
  • Web sites selling Nile Cruises, holiday villas, private dentistry, fine foods (see Tools used)
  • Development for a broadcasting organization of standard templates in:
    • Word for internal documents and news releases
    • PowerPoint for presentations
    • HDK for a new web site
  • Evaluation and implementation of software to produce single-source PDF and HTML files for business proposals and Help systems on the Internet.
  • Review and delivery of Planning & Tracking, Requirements & Estimation and Risk Assessment material for presentation in French in Paris. See Training
  • Study of design and documentation requirements for an innovative GSM-driven poster display mechanism
  • CHL has provided support in market research, commercial agreements, marketing and sales materials and sales advice for a number of corporate and SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) clients.

Strategic Support

It is often difficult to say whether certain activities are indeed marketing and sales - for example, consider the acquisition or disposal of a company within a group. Deciding that a company would be a valuable addition to the group is a major decision and ultimately the responsibility of the chief executive. Clearly however, there are many issues involved: market research about the new company to ascertain its worth to its customers, the management accounting aspects, due diligence and detailed negotiations followed by the follow on implementation to make sure it all works.

Market Research

Competition analysis, list development/acquisition, questionnaire design, conducting interviews, providing reports and presentations and customer satisfaction surveys: all can be valuable additions to your knowledge in running your business. CHL experiences in the computing, printing and paper industries both in the UK and overseas can be harnessed for your benefit. See Market Research for more details.

Promotional Services

Planning promotions, reviewing or creating distribution and dealership or end-user agreements, writing brochures, leaflets or promotional copy all form the promotional services of CHL. Rolling, screen-based demonstrations and information, which is on-line to an existing computer application, can add greatly to the marketing and promotional aspects of a product. The key factor here is that CHL writes materials that your customers can understand - at the right level for the target audience and in their language.

Sales Consultancy

People buy people first! - A cliché perhaps but so true ... setting sales standards and procedures, developing sales presentations, organizing telesales and training are often the final and most important piece of the whole marketing and sales exercise. Without effective selling all the previous work can go to waste. CHL consultants continue to use these skills for themselves and clients alike so let us help you to help yourselves.

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