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Marketing / Sales

CHL's marketing and sales expertise is often working for organizations in the IT business. Work includes assisting with strategic marketing decisions such as acquisitions and disposals, market planning and marketing research, complex business proposals, promotional services and sales consultancy.

Projects have included market research on outsourcing of IT services, company naming exercises and the development of corporate and product literature for a software house in the city. The marketing of products and services within an organization are often equally important so reports, quality and process documents feature significantly in the CHL portfolio.

Marketing & Sales Consultancy

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Many good products and services have simply died through the lack of thorough marketing and sales work. A new or innovative product, a competitive service or even a regular item has come to grief through failure to have the power of marketing and sales geared up to support it.



s network of consultants can bring the range of multi-disciplinary skills to bear as well as the specific marketing and sales experience you need. CHL Marketing & Sales work includes strategic decisions, marketing research and planning, promotional services and sales consultancy.

The marketing and sales expertise is often working for organizations in the IT business. Recent projects have included business advice for a major communications supplier, marketing support for a Finnish training company, market research in the outsourcing of IT services, a company naming exercise and the development of corporate/product literature for a software house in the city.

Projects include:

  • Business Plans and Annual Reports for a major European organization
  • Presentations with voice overs
  • Web site promoting internal MIS services using¬ TeamSite
  • Web sites selling Nile Cruises, holiday villas, private dentistry, fine foods (see¬ Tools¬ used)
  • Development for a broadcasting organization of standard templates in:
    • Word for internal documents and news releases
    • PowerPoint for presentations
    • HDK for a new web site
  • Evaluation and implementation of software to produce single-source PDF and HTML files for business proposals and Help systems on the Internet.
  • Review and delivery of Planning & Tracking, Requirements & Estimation and Risk Assessment material for presentation in French in Paris. See Training
  • Study of design and documentation requirements for an innovative GSM-driven poster display mechanism
  • CHL has provided support in market research, commercial agreements, marketing and sales materials and sales advice for a number of corporate and SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) clients.
    • Strategic Support
    • Market Research
    • Promotional services
    • Sales Consultancy