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Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

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Management Information is vital to the survival and successful growth of every company including yours. But do you have the right systems and procedures in place to provide the right information at the right time? With the amount of information available in a business today, the sheer volume often overloads management. What you need is concise, timely, and focused information, which is meaningful.

We at Chelverton House (CHL) believe that at any reporting level within the business there should be no more than 10 Key Performance Factors upon which to judge the performance of the business. If these Key Performance Factors are properly identified and used, then the business can and will be more successful.

If you have any doubts about the quality and relevance of the business information that you are receiving, then CHL can help you identify and focus on only that information that you really need, and at the same time assist you to automate the timely production of this information. We will at the same time ensure that the build up of this information is equally relevant at each level of management. Thus, when problems are identified, senior management can drill down to expose in more detail where the real problem lies.

In the competitive and price sensitive environment in which we all now operate, being one step ahead of the competition is vital and we can help you get there.

A recent investigation for a prominent IT company in the City, identified and refined their exact requirements for a Time Sheet Recording and Billing System, but one that was integrated with their existing Accounting and Work Flow Systems. This has now formed the solid base of their integrated Management Information System.

Our Consultants all have first hand experience of not only developing these Management Information Systems, but also having been in the position of having to use them as managers in their own right. They therefore see it and know it from your viewpoint.