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Information Technology

Information Technology Consulting

Computing or Information Technology (IT) is now accepted as a major force for any business - to become and to remain competitive. Within the Computing activity, CHL consultantsa had a wide range of experience from mainframe computers, mid-range minis and personal computers.

Some CHL consultants were non -executive directors of well-known IT companies, others providing interim management support and others working on specific projects. The range of activities was from strategic IT management through the development of IT systems standards to the research and development and delivery of systems documentation and training material.

PC Sales

CHL was an authorised dealer of mainstream personal computer hardware and software. PC Sales continued based on advice for hardware/software selection, software licensing and usage. CHL installed a wide variety of applications. These include Accounts, word processing, spreadsheets, and databases, together with other Windows systems such as help authoring tools, desktop publishing, scanning and OCR systems, networks and communications.ns.

Management Information Systems

Management Information is vital to the survival and successful growth of every company including yours. But do you have the right systems and procedures in place to provide the right information at the right time? CHL helped clients focus on essential information.


CHL training courses included introductions to computing and PC software, programming and systems development, interpersonal skills, job search, interviewing, management and consulting skills and accounting principles.

Special courses were developed for clients introducing computer systems to non-computing staff. CHL also provided packaged training for organizations to undertake their own training.