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ISDD Single Source Project using Republicorp's XDK product


When ISDD Limited was about to launch its new unstructured data management system OmniQ™. OmniQ™ allows businesses to automate the management of unstructured data such as documents, emails, web content, presentations and other forms of human-friendly information. OmniQ™ provides fast search and retrieval using natural language, concept drill-down capability and agents, which personalize and automate content delivery, regardless of content format or location.

ISDD Limited called in CHL to document the system and to provide a concepts guide, a reference manual and user guide which could be printed or viewed online. CHL developed the highly structured source material in Microsoft Word and using Adobe Acrobat and Republicorp's XDK, was able to convert the documents into secure Acrobat PDF files and XML-based, on-line documents. The resulting documentation contained an easy-to-use Table of Contents (RePublico tracking Dynamic HTML table of contents), Find and Index facilities, as well as clear procedural instructions for both users and administrators of the system.

This was achieved over an extended period coping with many software changes and improvements and under the original quoted budget. ISDD highly recommends CHL services and will be pleased to use them again.

For a demonstration of what you can produce with XDK, click here.

ISDD Single Source Project using Republicorp's XDK product - showing the Glossary
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