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Windows Help Systems

A typical Help system for Windows 3.x, 9x, NT or 2000 produced by CHL might look like this.

Click here for more detail and screenshots of the Proteus Help system project

With the increased use of internal company networks and standardized software, more users expect documents of assistance to be available at the touch of a button. This is not only possible but has become standard in many organizations. Internal procedure documents, standard letters or specific help on performing a software task can all be made readily usable by the new or sophisticated user.

Systems running under Windows can be given the professional finish through the development of context-sensitive on-screen help with procedures, hypertext, Find and Index facilities and Related Topics to improve the effective use of a crucial business system. Tutorial films can also be built into the system with either text pop-ups or voice commentary.

CHL has designed and developed many Windows Help systems for software houses, insurance and banking organizations.

One of the most complex was a suite of Help systems (a Master system with 18 Slave and two associated systems for an ERP UNIX software house. Interestingly, the Windows Help compiler for NT was use since clients have access to both UNIX and NT on the same machine, enabling Procedural Help to remain on top while still using the UNIX software. See Proteus Help system.

HTML Help Systems

Microsoft’s approach to Help has changed from the standard Windows 3 and 4 Help compilers and HTML Help is the chosen vehicle for new and future systems. CHL embraces the new look and feel whilst retaining the strengths of the earlier Help systems.

CHL has developed HTML Help systems for a software house, a financial institution and a broadcast company.

One HTML Help system produced by CHL looked like this:

With HTML Help you can have secondary Procedure Windows and related topics displayed in the Topics Found Window

For a demonstration of what you can produce with XDK, click here.