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Documentation for Print

Documentation for Print

CHL has been engaged in the production of documentation for the computer industry since the early 70’s. From technical manuals for systems developers, business proposals and quality documents to glossy brochures and legal documents, CHL has provided a wide range of documents both for use within an organization or for its clients.

From original typesetting, through early word processing and desktop publishing systems, CHL has been keeping up to date with all the major systems and tools for the production of high quality documentation. Remarkably, more and more documents are being produced for distribution in electronic form, but there is still the need to understand and use appropriate systems for some essential documents on paper.

Often, business managers and software suppliers are providing printable documentation in the form of Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) files on Compact Disk. Thus the user prints only those pages required and the supplier reduces print costs and hopefully benefits the environment.

To read about the benefits of CHL’s approach and the types of documents we can produce for you, see the other parts of this Documentation section:

See also the structured documentation used in Compliance projects like Sarbanes-Oxley and the Technical Writing course - manual illustrated below.