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Note: Strathdon Investments Limited, a venture capital company, recommends CHL as the documentation consultancy for its investee companies.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

SOX - Hardware Distribution

"C’était un plaisir, également pour nous, de travailler avec vous. Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre professionnalisme. Bonne continuation et à bientôt peut-être. Cordialement"
Financial Director, Sarbanes-Oxley Client, Hardware Distribution, France

"Cher Stephen,
Merci beaucoup pour touts vos souhaites, c'est très gentil et sympa. A mon tour j'aimerais vous souhaiter plein de bonnes choses et encore une fois, merci de votre aide et professionnalisme. Cordialement"
Technical Sales Manager, Sarbanes-Oxley Client, Hardware Distribution, France

"Vous avez refait notre organigramme. Je l'ai trouvé très bien fait."
Quality Manager, Sarbanes-Oxley Client, Hardware Distribution, France

"Thank you for the attention you have been giving to finishing up the IT Narrative documentation for [the three sites in France].  Your follow up efforts have been much appreciated."
IT Project Manager, Sarbanes-Oxley Consultancy organization, UK & France.

I would like to say Thank You for all of the hard work you put into [the client project].  The quality of your documents was very good.  In addition, your ability to speak and write in the dual languages was a great benefit to the project. I do really appreciate all your efforts and am confident that we will cross paths again in the near future.
Project Manager, Sarbanes-Oxley Consultancy organization, Europe.

SOX - Electronic top-up services

"Thank you for all your flexibility, hard work and advice. I would hope we can work together again soon."
UK Managing Director

SOX - Chemical company

“Dear Jorge, Thanks for your work and the open discussion we had during our wrap-up meeting this afternoon. I am very pleased to see and hear that the hard work the IT people did during the past months was successful. This illustrates in my view that the IT department understands what SOX is about and that they had the right spirit to get this done.
Well done! Best regards and I wish you a safe onward journey and maybe we will meet again at some stage in the future.”
Senior Manager, Netherlands

Help Systems

ISDD Limited is launching its new unstructured data management system OmniQ™. OmniQ™ allows businesses to automate the management of unstructured data such as documents, emails, web content, presentations and other forms of human-friendly information. OmniQ™ provides fast search and retrieval using natural language, concept drill-down capability and agents, which personalize and automate content delivery, regardless of content format or location.

ISDD Limited called in CHL to document the system and to provide a concepts guide, a reference manual and user guide which could be printed or viewed online. Stephen Helms developed the highly structured source material in Microsoft Word and using Adobe Acrobat and Republicorp's , was able to convert the documents into secure Acrobat PDF files and XML-based, on-line documents. The resulting documentation contained an easy-to-use Table of Contents, Find and Index facilities, as well as clear procedural instructions for both users and administrators of the system.

Further, Stephen was able to achieve this over an extended period coping with many software changes and improvements and under the original quoted budget. We would highly recommend CHL services and will be pleased to use CHL again.
Tom Blair, Director, ISDD Limited

" Faced with the challenge of completely updating our End User Documentation we initially engaged Stephen to provide some research on the various Windows Tools available that could be used and the relative strengths and weaknesses. This was a very comprehensive review that led us all to the conclusion that HDK was the most suitable tool for our requirements.

We then engaged Stephen to convert and re format all of our existing documentation into the new Windows style Help system for all our core software modules. This has proved a great success and not only have we have been delighted with the results, but more importantly the feedback from our clients has been tremendous. Stephen is now providing training for our staff, to enable us to continue the work and keep the system up to date.

We have found Stephen to be very responsive, creative and great to work with and are currently exploring the creation of an Intranet for staff to give immediate access to key information, which we are looking to Stephen for further valuable help and input."
David Gray, Managing Director, Proteus Software Limited


“J'ai regardé avec beaucoup d'admiration ce que tu as fait pour le site; je trouve ça extraordinaire. Encore une fois bravo, et félicitation pour le beau travail que tu fais.”
Wally Abdelaziz, Proprietor, www.lazulinil.com

“Chelverton House created two web sites for my company which was quite a challenge and I value the fast professional way in which we worked. Every detail was addressed for the purposes of web design and this has helped my company focus its IT & Marketing strategies."
Susan Conte, Proprietor, www.lodgeintheforest.co.uk and www.forestwalkingweekends.co.uk

World Cup host broadcaster HBS AG

"The site works very well for me. I found it easy to navigate and the info is very useful. I particularly like the bright color scheme and the way each button is easy to see. Those are the obvious and superficial changes that I like, but I must congratulate you on the extensive amount of info relating to overall production needs of BPs [Broadcast Partners] and the excellent 'Index' section. The new site is a great improvement for BPs, Shareholder and HBS staff. I'll be using it as a quick source for detail on many occasions, rather than referring to my files or manuals."
Chief Operating Officer

"I enjoyed reading the HBS website, as I always wanted to put a lot of technical stuff on this medium, in order to help our BP's to find the proper information."
Director of Venue Operations

"The general layout is very good, very easy to read, and very easy to follow"
Venue Manager


“Based on your recommendations we have been able to structure the information logically and users have been impressed at how easily they can retrieve the information. With the software training you provided we are now able to maintain and expand the information and you have been more than happy to provide additional support as we build up our experience.

The project has been a great success and we are now in a good position to carry it forward. Although it has been hard work and a big training curve for us, your contribution has made the experience an enjoyable one!“
Sharon Cinderey & Jo Dicker Lincoln Financial Group (Intranet development, software supply and training project)

“Stephen was a great asset to Druid in helping us get an Intranet up and running in a very short space of time. His commitment to the project and contribution in both a technical and business sense was excellent.”
Jerry Brown, Head of Service Delivery and Quality, Druid Group PLC


"Given the nature of Clarif-i (our software product suite) we knew success would depend on well structured on-line help. We realised that the documentation process would require specialist skills: an understanding of Internet technologies, an ability to learn quickly and knowledge of presenting complex information clearly.
Under the pressure of a tight deadline Stephen learnt the rudiments of the product and delivered a well-structured and comprehensive framework that the development team could build on.
With Stephen's help we have been able to deliver quality helpware to support the first release of our product suite."
Dr. Paul M. Gibson, Technical Director, Aurega Integrated Manufacturing Ltd (a Siemens Business)

User Guides

"We are very pleased with the documentation produced by CHL. CHL developed the three guides for our latest KnowledgeBank product and created the Acrobat and HTML/Java versions from the same CHL source documents so we can meet our clients’ needs for both print and online versions."
Matt Eggby, Senior Technical Manager, Thomson NETg

“Very high quality of work and attention to detail. Stephen quickly assimilated the details of our industry-leading anti-money laundering software and produced a specific version of the user and operational documentation for one of our customers (a major French bank) - and then did it again in French. Thank you very much."
Mike Newman, Project Manager with Searchspace Ltd in London

"Great - at last I now know the basics and am confident to access the system without worrying about causing errors in our records."
Field Officer, Milk Marketing Board

"Thanks Stephen - great work!"
Will Miller, IT Director, NESTA (National Endowment for Science Technology and the Arts)

"CHL produced technical users manuals to a very high quality, delivered on time and within budget."
Tony Davies, Bovis Construction Limited

"Highly professional, quality work which should ensure the accurate use of the systems and reduce the number of support calls from our users."
Wayne Goodin, IT Manager, Training / Documentation project at Earls Court & Olympia Ltd.

Quality Documents

“Stephen was able to grasp very quickly the essence of tons of data, and to write a very nice summary document. This document helped us and the auditors a lot preparing for the BEST Audit, and will help us further in our continuing quality journey to Business Excellence.”
Hans J.M. Gerla, Industrial and Logistics Manager, BU Telecom Terminals, Philips Semiconductors NV.

Marketing / Sales

“With a lot of different styles and sources of information it made sense to me to have a professional writer / editor for our proposal for our new ASP (Application Service Provider) business. Stephen structured our bid document and then collected / incorporated information from the US and the UK in the form of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Acrobat and WebPages into a consistent style to suit our needs. Creating new visual aids in Corel and Paint Shop Pro made the document colorful and easy on the eye.”
William J. Grubbs, Managing Director, ASP Global Services, Spring Group plc.

”Thank you for making the very creative suggestions for our marketing letter. Should we feel the need to update the package in the future, you can be sure that we will return to Chelverton”.
David Pemberton, Director, Vardan Limited