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Documentation is an essential and integral part of everyone's daily business life - we all need information about the organization’s policy and procedures, about the products and services it provides, about the equipment, the computer hardware and software or services we are using. Equally, we need to communicate our work to our colleagues and clients alike. So, a practical solution is for a third party to provide the consistent, professional support in the development of the wide range of document types now possible.

All CHL consultants had over twenty years experience and enjoy their role in completing a successful project and transferring their practical skills to managers and staff in client organizations. "Putting experience back into business" is a phrase that sums up much of the CHL consultancy and documentation work since starting operations in 1989

CHL also focussed on understanding the market for and the use of specialist tools to enable professional communicators to produce a quality documentation product in the form required by the subject’s ‘owner’ - the business manager, product manager or other subject matter expert (SME) in the client organization.

See the Documentation subsections listed below but in particular these sub-sections on separate pages:
BenefitsApproach, Tools

The documentation solutions Chelverton House provided include:


  • Web site, Intranet or Help system structural design and build
  • Online reference materials (HTML, Word processed or PDF documents)
  • Short screenfilms illustrating step by step instructions
  • Longer videos such as marketing introductions, interviews and film clips
  • CD's, DVD's or even on USB keys
  • Electronic forms containing completion explanations or tips

The user prints only those pages required and the supplier reduces print costs and hopefully benefits the environment. In addition, the user can see and hear the presentation he may have missed by being elsewhere on business or holiday.


The documentation solutions initially geared for actual printing on paper but later online include:


Computer systems specifications and manuals. installation guides, company documentation, terms of business

User Guides

Simplified or detailed guides for new users including glossaries of terms, concepts, training courseware for in-house trainers

Marketing & Sales materials

Leaflets, Brochures, Business Plans, Catalogues / catalogue sheets White papers Press releases / Media guides, Territory management, Commission schemes,'How to sell' guides, Proposals & Proposal standards, Sales presentations / presentation standards, Screen shows and Foils / handouts.


Even in the most creative of environments there are procedures. The effective communication of what they are and why they are essential can make the difference between an average and a top performing company. Procedures can be anything from the strategic to the day-to-day business.

Business policies and procedures

Accounting and IT practices and compliance such as Sarbanes-Oxley, Expense rules, Client management & billing

Customer servicing, Staff policies and procedures, Company car documentation, Tender documentation and maintenance. These often included diagrams of decision making, computer locations, hardware, organisation structures and so on.


The drive for productivity and commensurate quality continues apace. From the early standards of BS5750 and then ISO9000 major organizations seek to improve the quality of their activities not only in the key performance areas of profit, contribution and growth, but also in the running of the business.


Agreements or contracts: every organisation creates them or is obliged to read them. All too often they were a minefield of complexity, legal terminology and difficult to understand.However, the communication of the facts in a way that is understandable and thus more acceptable to the client can you win business!

CHL can review and rebuild your documents, in conjunction with your experts, to ensure clarity and the best presentation. Types of document include: Distribution Agreements,Dealership / Franchise Agreements, End user Agreements, Terms of Business, Group Purchasing Agreements and Supply Contracts. CHL produced commercial agreements for consultancies, retail organizations and software houses.