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Compact Disks / DVDs / USB

The media used for the storage of computer data have progressed by leaps and bounds. From the humble 5" floppy disk of the early 1980's to the huge capacity, high speed hard disks of today, it is hard to believe that the data is still stored in basically the same way. Networks of computers and thus their hard disks are pervasive and include company internal networks, Intranets, Extranets and of course, the Internet. But for portability and permanent storage not on the computer's hard disk, the Compact Disk (CD), or Digital Video Disk (DVD) and even the USB Key, are now reigning supreme.

Used for the distribution of marketing or support materials, software or the storage of any kind of digital files, the compact disk has the required capacity and durability. Care, however, is still required – if very long term storage is required you need to ensure there will be a working system to read the data at the end of the storage time and you should always have more than one back up stored in safe, appropriate conditions. The recent case of the Video Disks, which had contained a superb history snapshot and were then shown to be unreadable, emphasizes the point.

So the CD, the DVD, the USB key and solid state disks with greater capacity will doubtless continue for the foreseeable future.

CHL has created CDs containing large or complex web materials, collections of data / image files and Help systems (see Reference Systems). CHL has also produced VCDs and DVDs of images and videos.