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Business Proposals

Business Proposals

A good structure will help to create a good proposal

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Business Proposals form the basis of a future business activity. Creating them in style, which is both readable and convincing to those funding the venture, is crucial. The target audience may be the senior managers or directors of the same company or organization, or perhaps external venture capitalists / bankers. In any case, the discipline of capturing the essentials of the market opportunity, the competition and the unique selling proposition as well as the detailed product and financial plans can exercise the minds of any businessman.

Often it can prove an invaluable source of ideas for structuring and illustrating such business plans to use an experienced, external editor. Forcing the pace, demanding answers to questions which will inevitably be asked, structuring, modifying and updating can all be done while the business managers concentrate on their role of researching, developing and planning the success of the new business.

CHL has provided such interim editorial services for:

  • Information Mapped text for a French, database-driven proposal generation system for an American journal subscription organization.
  • €20M Business Plans 2007 and 2008 for the IT department of a major European organization
  • Internal business continuity service
  • US$15M proposal for an Application Service Provider business
  • Planning for a £multi-million major water service outsourcing bid.
Understanding the client's business and the computing tools will help to create a good proposal

Detail from a Business Proposal