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2015-2020 Comments

2015-2020 Comments

During the last five years I have created a WordPress web site in French & English concerned with the Twinning of a French village with an English village in Wiltshire. Here are some of the comments for the site.

2014 Translation French to English

Bonsoir Stephen
Un grand merci pour cette traduction qui me fait gagner beaucoup de temps et qui permet surtout d'envoyer un courrier compréhensible!
Très bon weekend et à bientôt.

(A big thank you for this translation which saved me a lot of time and enabled me to send an understandable letter)


2015 General comment from Chairman in Wiltshire

2015 12
Hi Stephen - you know your web is is really well designed and interesting - well done!!!
Mike Williams
Re https://sorigny-comitejumelage.com/

2016 General comments on the web site updates

To: stephen.helms@chelverton.com
Subject: Re :Christmas & New Year wishes on the ‘twinning marriage' on the website.
Just one word : perfect. I still have the music in memory !!!
Bises to you both.

(Comment In English by a French lady)


Grâce au très beau travail de Stephen, j'ai le plaisir de vous envoyer la photo de notre comité!
Un grand merci à Stephen.

(Thanks to Stephen’s work, I have pleasure in sending the photo of our Committee. A big thank you to Stephen.

re: Site web
Bravo Stephen, tu as bien fait vivre le site du jumelage.

(Bravo Stephen, you have enlivened the Twinning web site)


Stephen mille mercis pour ton travail ton implication ta bonne humeur et surtout ta gentillesse.
La vidéo est superbe. Mille gros bisous.

(A 1000 thanks for your work with good humour and especially kindness.
The video is superb. 1000 big kisses).


Merci Stephen, excellent travail

RE: Seventh video of the signing of the Twinning Charter at Box 4th September-------------------------

2017 Comments on the Video Sorigny Guy Fawkes

2017 08
Good JOB! Bravo !
Stéphanie Lefief

To: Stephen Helms
Subject: Video Sorigny Guy Fawkes
Thanks Stephen – you folks certainly had a good celebration – well done!
Mike Williams, Chairman in Wiltshire

2020 Twinning +

2020 4 videos in January 2020

Très instructif. Très bon travail.
Je propose souvent à mes parents d’y jeter un œil. Ils aiment tout particulièrement la video du 11 novembre.
31/01/2020 Lili

Very instructive. Very good work.
I often suggest to my parents to take a look. They particularly liked the video of 11 November (See the video : Rappelez)


2020 CDJ Supporter Comment

Re videos
Conclusion : MaGniFiQue !!!!!

2020 November Translation of the video American to French

Merci Beaucoup Stephen,
Bien reçu cela va m'être d'une grande aide!
Génial merci - Très bien fait ces sous-titres!

(Thank you very much Stephen,
Well received and has been a great help.
Terrific, thank you - the sub-titles are well done.

2020 Fred Sheppard His life & Career 1937-2020

Obituary, his life, career and a video (See the 12 minute video)

Hi Stephen

Thank you for your email and I did enjoy watching the Videos and the attached PDFs. I watched them all and will do so again, probably many times. Fred would have loved the ones showing the military bands, he was very much into anything concerning precision marching, as you would probably expect him to be given his family history. I must admit the Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra and the Chelsea Pensioners renditions brought tears to my eyes, they all bring back so many memories.

Jean Sheppard - Fred’s wife & mother to their four children.

I wanted to say a very big thank you for the final version of the video you have so kindly assembled on Dad’s life. It is an excellent rendition of the life of a wonderful man and shows him in all his walks of life and roles that he was especially happy in. The effort you have clearly gone to is remarkable and we have been left with a wonderful memory that I am sure we will use at his "celebration of life", whenever we are able to hold that. I have to admit to feelings of great pride and admiration as well as sadness, particularly towards the end when you have used his speeches to the Twinning Associations. It brings him to life for me and I can hear him as if it was yesterday. Seeing him in movie as opposed to still form is also quite breath-taking.

Adrian - eldest son.

It is lovely that we, and especially mum, will be able to actually see dad in action and hear him speak. The music that you put with the video was very well matched and thought out. What a gift you have.

We all laugh about my having 'OCD' (obsessive compulsive disorder!) and my need to have everything organised and this has met my father's time line to a tea!

Anne - daughter

Thank you so very much for all your time and dedication that you have put into making this truly wonderful time line video of my Dad.
He spent so much time and gave so much to both his country and local community, which he clearly very much enjoyed.
Again thank you so very much.

Diane - daughter

You have obviously gone to a great deal of effort in both researching our father's life, collecting photographs, setting to music, and providing graphics to produce such a well founded chronological record of the major points of his life.

The result is a video which provides a sense of comfort and pride in looking back over much of his life. You have provided us with something for which all of us are very grateful to be able to refer to, and finally see our father's life in one place. We often talk of parts of his and our lives and try to piece it all together in a time-line as such, which is very much what you have provided.

I know that it will be used in a future tribute to our father - once the restrictions of covid-19 have passed and we can finally have the service of remembrance which he so rightly deserves.

Steven - son