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Chelverton House Limited (CHL) is a network of independent, senior consultants providing professional consultancy services to corporate clients and small businesses alike. Formed in 1989, it has shown itself to be a competitive and effective way of working for the benefit of the client, providing a mixture of consultancy, communications and training.

Latest Updates 22 October, 2015:

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Typically CHL consultants have twenty years experience in business and retain their independence while maintaining professional contacts and working in CHL or client project teams. Tasks are not delegated to juniors - we put our experience back into your business with your staff. We do not operate from expensive, city centre offices so overheads are minimized enabling us to be very competitive. Consequently we have been able to provide successful project work in places as diverse as Seoul, London, Paris, Dublin, Brussels and Bristol (see banner above).

CHL provides the wide range of services described below. For more details just click on the buttons on the left or the links below:


Business Consultancy

(See Documentation)

  • Technical writing / technical authoring
  • Copy writing / journalism
  • Format and design of templates
  • Selection of documentation & image  tools
  • On screen systems / web sites (online Help, Intranet and Internet, Training, Videos)
  • On paper documentation (documents for printing – word processing, publishing, Acrobat PDF files, quality documents, procedures, Sarbanes-Oxley, product specifications, agreements, training)
  • Single-sourcing (Developing quality source documents which can be used for paper or onscreen production)
  • Compact Disks (educational, informational, entertaining)

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Information Technology (see IT)

    • Research & implementation
  • Marketing & Sales (see Marketing)
    • Business proposals
    • Market Research
  • Human Resources (see HR)
    • Organization reviews
    • Staff development / planning
    • Analysis / assessment


Finance & Accounting

(See Training) Develop, package, video, presentation:

(see Finance Services)

  • Business planning and strategic development including:
    • Setting up a company
    • Merging, acquiring or disposing of a company
  • Completing the legal requirements such as audit.
  • CHL can provide an efficient and cost effective range of business and accounting services for large and small enterprises

CHL Web Shop

Visit the CHL Web Shop to order your old hardware or software products. There is an interesting mixture of old stuff – including cameras and office software - all at competitive prices.

When we say old – we mean historic – some really old DOS and Windows software which might help you out if you are trying to recover some old data. It can also provide you with a legal basis for a cheap (well OK – inexpensive) upgrade. We have quite a few clients from Germany to Japan who are happy to admit they are buying as collectors for nostalgic reasons.

The Shop will close when the products are gone - consultancy work has taken over from the earlier reselling activity.

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