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XDK Basic Training

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XDK Basic Training

2-day course / tutorial

Getting started with XDK

  • What is XDK
  • About HTML/XML
  • About styles and CSS
  • Installing/uninstalling XDK
  • Running XDK and HDK on the same machine
  • Starting XDK
  • XDK online help features, supporting documentation and the typical online document interface
  • About the XDK Interface (including the XDK toolbar and 4 tabs)
  • Exercise 1: Exploring XDK online help and the interface of a typical online document

Working with XDK projects

  • XDK documents and topics
  • Working with documents
  • Working with topics
  • Creating a standard index
  • Exercise 2: Creating and modifying an online document

Inserting hyperlinks

  • About what you can link to (topics within a project, web pages, email responders, external files, Collapsible text)
  • Inserting, modifying and deleting hyperlinks
  • Displaying linked information (online windows and formats)
  • Exercise 3: inserting hypertext links in an online document

Inserting graphics

  • About digital graphics
  • Inserting, modifying and deleting a picture
  • Image mapping
  • Inserting a button
  • Exercise 4: inserting an image map and button in an online document.

Building and testing projects

  • About online formats
  • Selecting an online format
  • Building a project
  • Viewing the online output of a project
  • Exercise 5: Choosing build options and building a project

Upgrading HDK projects

  • The shift from WinHelp to XML
  • What’s new in XDK
  • What XDK no longer supports
  • Importing a HDK project into XDK
  • Reworking your project
  • Distributing online documents and the XDK output directory
  • Exercise 6: Upgrading an HDK project

To discuss your training needs contact Chelverton House.

For a demonstration of what you can produce with XDK, click here.


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