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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word

MS Office 2003

CHL Advanced Word Training Course


  • Defining or modifying a new style formally or by example
  • Defining keyboard shortcuts
  • Working with sections


  • Creating and changing headers and footers
  • Inserting page numbers, dates and time
  • Different headers or footers
  • Columns and column breaks


  • Default tabs
  • Tab alignments

Mail merge

  • Main documents
  • Mail merge process
  • Viewing the source data
  • The main document toolbar
  • Query options
  • Merging to labels

Labels and envelopes

  • Single labels
  • Label options
  • Envelope options

Autotext & Autocorrect

Bookmarks & Lists

  • Creating Table Of Contents, Indexes, Table & Illustration Lists
  • Marking one or two level index entries
  • Cross-references & bookmarks
  • Updating
  • Using a concordance file


  • Introduction to macros
  • Recording & playing a macro
  • Introduction to auto macros
  • Automatic document completion


  • Inserting, formatting, modifying, scaling & modifying a graphic
  • Captions
  • Drop caps
  • Microsoft Wordart

Word Advanced Course Prerequisites:

Understand the basics concepts of creating and formatting a Word Document

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