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Valerie Abl
Valerie Abl

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Valerie is a highly enthusiastic Business Change Manager with over 15 years experience of equipping people to ride the waves of complex Change Programmes and adapt faster to the evolving business landscapes. Her knowledge/ understanding of change management and the IT/ IS sector affords the unique ability to streamline innovative business change interventions into critical stages of the programme & project life cycle.

She enjoys helping Senior Management to express new initiatives in a way that is memorable and provides clear direction. Excels at facilitating collaborative working relationships across cultural boundaries to stimulate new ways of working and value added performance. Thrives on surfacing the hidden talents & skills of individuals to enhance personal effectiveness and motivation.

Recognized for her balanced opinions and being in touch with the needs of all stakeholders. Acknowledged for providing good advice about optimizing management time and effort. Has a reputation for professionalism and for conducting assignments with thoroughness, flair and élan. Well respected for inducing a positive, creative and flexible attitude in change programmes & projects.


  • Organizational development and change management strategy
  • Change leadership and career coaching
  • Competency based recruitment and assessment
  • 360 degree appraisal & feedback
  • High Performance Team building
  • Key stakeholder group engagement
  • Cross-cultural business relationship development
  • Creative problem-solving tools and techniques
  • Languages: English mother tongue, French & German


  • UMIST BSc. in Mathematics and European Studies
  • Associate- Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
  • British Psychological Society- Intermediate Level B Certificate
  • Qualified to administer Myers Briggs Type Indicator / 16PF / FIRO Elements
  • Accredited Phase 11 graduate trainer for the FIRO Human Element Programme


During her early career as HR Manager within the private and public sectors, she covered a wide range of activities including organization design, job analysis and evaluation, personnel operations, performance related remuneration/ competency based appraisal, management development, business process design and implementation. 

Mid-career she held positions of Director with two independent Recruitment Consultancies, responsible for client account management, business development, systems development as well as day-to-day operational management. She gained in-depth knowledge and experience of the communications / information technology and software market place.    

Latterly as an Independent Consultant, she has been involved in organizational development, cultural change / IT programmes and their implications for people at all levels. She has carried out a wide variety of projects within the Central/ Local Government, Corporate and SME business sectors.

As a result of her interest in competency-based development Valerie took responsibility for leading the fieldwork aspects of a major research programme for Oxford University, involving 13 blue chip companies. The objective was to identify the skills critical to future success within the changing internal IS function. She was subsequently appointed Project leader of the Competencies Development Group sponsored by KPMG-IMPACT.

She is a recognized expert on organizational culture issues relating to outsourced supplier relationships and has lectured on the ‘The risks of IS/ IT outsourcing’ at seminars for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Building on her change management experience, Valerie has recently designed an innovative, cost effective and simple to use peer-coaching/ action learning process that can be used throughout an organization, to overcome barriers to business change. She has over 400 hours experience of coaching Senior Executives and professional groups in UK and France.

Clients include: Home Office, OGC, BG International; TRANSCO, Thales Group, L’Oreal, Proteus Software, BBC, Aventis; European Central Bank, Sara Lee, Esso UK, Hasbro toys; ICI ; Videologic ; Morgan Chambers;


Central Civil Government

Business Change Project Manager (for 6 months) responsible for developing the overall framework, approach, project planning and transition strategy for the organizational restructuring/ changes required to merge three former divisions of the OGC into the newly formed ‘Better Projects’ Directorate. The role involved helping senior management to redefine their purpose/ distinctive role, articulate and communicate a shared view of the future direction,  as well as manage the redeployment and motivation of their people whilst minimizing disruption to ‘business as usual’.

Trainer/ facilitator for the ongoing OGC ‘Preparing for Gateway’ workshops, designed to provide awareness of the Gateway PPM Process and demonstrate the skills/ competences required for prospective reviewers. These workshops are run at regular intervals across all Central Civil Service Departments including DEFRA.

Expert HR advisor, for a study sponsored by the Skills Division of the OGC. Responsible for providing quality assurance on a review of the  skills/ competencies required by SRO’s within the Programme/ project management environment. Suggested a comprehensive range of learning/ development options to support the recommendations in the final report.

Interim Business Change Manager (for 17 months) on a strategic EDRM/ IT based project, to support new ways of working within the Home Office. Responsible for identifying the key stakeholders and contributing to a business change strategy that supported the Department’s overall aims/ objectives and aligned with their Corporate Change and Reform programme. Developed an innovative evaluation process for selecting a quality business change supplier; capable of providing the appropriate level of communications, training/ development and stakeholder engagement services during the change programme.

IInternational Oil Company

HR/ Change Advisor /Coach (for 4 years) to the Divisional Manager-Information Systems. Responsible for designing and facilitating a series of management team workshops to accelerate a programme of change towards a new global organisational structure.  Worked closely with the Senior management team to develop a competency framework for Project Managers to support the transition towards working a portfolio of outsourced software/ communications suppliers.  Developed and facilitated best practice guidelines to leverage savings of £20million from new outsourced supplier contracts 

International Energy Company

Career Coach (for 3 years) on a company wide Senior Management Leadership programme, This involved facilitating a series of ½ day coaching sessions for 35 managers using 360 degree feedback and psychometric tools to stimulate greater self-awareness and focused development objectives. 

European Central Bank

Trainer/ facilitator on a series of interviewing / selection skills workshops to maintain consistent recruitment standards during a major expansion period.

London Borough of Sutton- European Social Fund Project

Business Consultant , responsible for designing the intake event and the first group session for the EVOLVE programme, a new initiative supported by the European Social Fund, aimed at bringing together leaders of small businesses, voluntary sector organisations and team leaders from large local companies. 

US-based Multinational

Management trainer for a series of competency based appraisal training workshops for the UK Senior Executives to support a major restructuring programme.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Trainer / Developer for a series of short personal development workshops for the Learning Break Programme, to equip individuals to feel more confident and maintain employee morale during a major restructuring exercise.

Oxford University/ KPMG – IMPACT Programme

Project Manager, responsible for leading the fieldwork aspects of a major research programme involving 13 blue chip companies to identify the skills critical to future success within the changing internal IS function. Subsequently was appointed Project leader of the Competencies Development Group for a 2-year development programme. Worked closely with Home Office, Department of Education and CCTA to develop a common competency framework. Became a recognized expert on organizational culture issues relating to outsourced supplier relationships and lectured on the ‘The risks of IS/ IT outsourcing’ at seminars for the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply.

Global Chemical Company

Business Change Consultant, responsible for designing and implementing a 2 year programme of teambuilding / development workshops aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of a BPR Project with projected savings of £50m. Worked closely with the Business Process Manager in defining the key competencies for project team members and then designed a 3 stage Development Programme aimed at achieving a high performance team environment where individuals became role models and future agents of change for the business.

Life Assurance Company

HR Change consultant (for 2 years) responsible for developed and implementing an HR strategy to support a wide-ranging Technology modernization / Organization change programme involving 500 IS staff. Participated in all Top Team meetings to ensure HR activities were fully integrated into the Division’s business operations. Developed a close working relationship with Head Office HR Managers to ensure consistency with other changes taking place within the company. Facilitated the introduction of new job role definitions, instituted a skills database, developed a behavioural competency manual, designed and ran a Project Management Assessment centre and implemented a new competency based grading system incorporating the Hay methodology.

Contact details

2, Kersfield Road,
Putney, LONDON SW15 3HW
Tel no +44 (0)208 704 1191 Mobile: 07774 607016

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