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People who are less used to computers read the book on the train on the way to work

User Guides

The use of computers for an increasingly wide range of business people and the specific applications of their work provide a continuing challenge. Not least, the problem of introducing new versions of software and functionality to users who are expert in their profession but less so in the use of information technology.

CHL acts as a ‘translator’ - converting the unfamiliar terminology of the IT world into plain business English, enabling ‘ordinary’ people to get on with their work in a more productive way using the new technology. We produce:

  • In-house computer systems application User guides
  • In-house computer systems application Operator guides
  • User technical reference manuals
  • Introductory/concept documentation
  • Training courseware

CHL has produced user applications documentation for an exhibition company, a distribution company, a housing association and an organization using JD Edwards for the distribution of National Lottery funds, as well as a number of software houses.


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