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Training / Sales

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'’Stephen developed various versions and provided 36 presentations to 180 IT staff of a customized IT Operations and Security governance Course at eircom. He achieved consistently high ratings by delegates on all aspects of the courses. In addition he assisted the teams with a range of help and advice concerning documentation and subsequently provided a successful technical writing course.
Finally, he developed test questions and a useful two-hour online version of the Operations and Security course which we have now installed on our Intranet. We were all very pleased with the success of the project.'’
Sean Daly, Process Domain Manager, Service & Delivery, eircom

"Thanks very much for two very informative days, I have come back with renewed zest to put into my projects."
Vanessa Magee, Path.Finder Co-ordinator, Ulster Community & Hospitals Trust, Belfast on HDK tutorial

“With the software training you provided we are now able to maintain and expand the information and you have been more than happy to provide additional support as we build up our experience. The project has been a great success and we are now in a good position to carry it forward. Although it has been hard work and a big training curve for us, your contribution has made the experience an enjoyable one!“
Sharon Cinderey & Jo Dicker, Lincoln Financial Group (Intranet development, software supply and training project)

"Overall helped me to carry out my job more efficiently."
"Helpful - good considering people at all different levels of knowledge."
Delegates, computing training at Earls Court & Olympia Ltd

"Excellent Course covering thoroughly all aspects of the system. Every detail was covered and I now I feel very confident in the role of the user."
Jason Piers Baxter, Assistant Trader, EFG Private Bank Ltd

"Instructor very helpful."
Constantine Panayatou, Director, EFG Private Bank Ltd

"Overall helped me to carry out my job more efficiently."
"Very constructive, useful video replays - well balanced course"
Delegates, Interviewing Skills Training, Milk Marketing Board.

Marketing & Sales

"Thank you for making the very creative suggestions for our marketing letter. Should we feel the need to update the package in the future, you can be sure that we will return to Chelverton”.
David Pemberton, Director,  Vardan Limited

"Very helpful - I was impressed with the general spread of topics. It covered the importance of selling oneself very well."
Guy Williams, Far Pavilions and delegate to CHL Job Search training.

 "A professional job done to accurate timescales and on budget."
Markus Flaaming, Director TKN, Finland.

 "Clear and accurate copy written to time and on a tight budget."
Richard Alberg, Managing Director, RDA Group plc.

Personal Computing / CHL Shop Sales

“Thanking again for your help and for your quick and friendly service (I wish things were always like that in Germany).”
Alex Achenbach, Minden, Germany.

"Good business related advice, followed by fast and efficient delivery."
F. Hillier, Managing Director, Q Laminations Ltd.

"Very conscientious and efficient but more to the point, views the problems from the client's perspective and comes up with practical solutions."
J. Harrison, Director, Harrison Research Associates

 "Stephen Helms assisted greatly in defining our company's computer requirements. Some excellent hardware was recommended backed by sensible software packages. Stephen then ensured the equipment was ordered, delivered, installed and up and running with the minimum delay."
Clyde W. Paris, Director, Chemical Strategy Limited

“Thank you very much for the bumper boxfull of stuff. I'm particularly impressed by the Lotus Smartsuite: it reminds me of those big old DOS software boxes complete with full suites of manuals - "they don't make 'em like that any more"! Thanks again. All good wishes. Yours sincerely, Larry”
Larry Stuart-Jones, private buyer, Essex, using the CHL Store

Package arrived safely, delivered as I was just about to leave for work. Thank you for your excellent service.
Alan Hanks, private buyer, Plymouth, using the CHL Store

II’m just pleased that after some 12 months of occasional effort, I have finally found a retailer of the product. My congratulations to your firm for stocking off catalog items.
Dr L C Cowell, private buyer, Freemantle, Western Australia, using the CHL Store

Oh, Sir! Big box arrived and initial grubbing about produced all the clip art discs as well! I am, Sir, filled with an unholy glee, and thank you for your kind attention over what was a rather small order.
Veronica Leach private buyer, Bilston, West Midlands, UK using the CHL Store with a good sense of humour

Car Fleet / Finance

”I felt I should express not only the appreciation of our organization but my own very sincere thanks for your kind help and assistance over past months leading to the successful implementation of the new systems. We are very aware of the fact that you have given ‘extra-mile’ service so far as we are concerned for which we have been most grateful. The warm and friendly approach which both Kevin and yourself brought to this situation and the expertise which you made available has helped us overcome what I am quite sure would have been insurmountable difficulties had we endeavoured to tackle this project by ourselves.”
Letter to Colin Burnhams from the Business Administration Secretary for a major charity, having 1350 vehicles and achieving savings of 700,000 per year.

“May I take this opportunity of expressing our chairman’s pleasure in participating in a very professionally conducted tender exercise. A specific mention of Colin Burnham’s wealth of knowledge and experience should also be noted.”
Letter from the Managing Director of a major leasing company to a new client.

“The involvement of Windover Associates helped improve the Group’s approach to tendering the car fleet, resulting in additional financial and operational benefits which would not otherwise have been achieved.”
J. Ashworth, Group Treasurer, The Littlewoods Organization.

"Without the detailed knowledge & experience of the consultant negotiating with the vendors of complex car leasing/hiring systems, we would not have gained the impressive savings we have made."
Manager, Company Car Fleet, major retailer on achieving over 1M per year savings.