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Not everyone has a PC on site - so a good user guide is very practical

30 years experience with computer and business systems on the machines of the major mainframe, mini and PC manufacturers has enabled CHL to develop the following areas of expertise:

  • Computer systems specifications (also used as reference for software licensing, for example, a Marketing and Sales database system)
  • Computer systems manuals (including computer languages and software tools, for example, Fortran, Algol and COBOL)
  • Installation guides (for example, Internet-based Banking and Portfolio Management system, a Help and Internet development tool)
  • Company documentation from job contracts, staff handbooks and customer service procedures to terms of business (see Agreements) and compliance procedures (see Sarbanes-Oxley and Procedures and Diagrams).
Atos Worldline Broker Installation Guide
    • Reference cards / documentation (for example, match schedules for a broadcaster)
    • Systems training documentation (for example, a construction management system)

    Understanding computing and computers is one thing: but writing straightforward, clear descriptions with appropriate illustrations, which can be used in country localization programs, is another. CHL brings independence and impartial advice to what can become a nightmare for the inexperienced.

    CHL has produced systems and / or reference documentation for the computer industry, telecommunications and broadcast industries.

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