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Projects by Stephen Helms

This chronological list of projects undertaken by Stephen Helms is included in the CV available from the Download section.

2015 - 2019

Twinning Committee

Creation of a WordPress web site in French & English for the Twinning of a French village with an English village in Wiltshire. Videos, translations, sub-titles, photo galleries, history.


Tipik Communication Agency S.A.

Call for Tender to European Commission. Support Commercial, Bid writing, technical assistance.



Produced course specifications and French and English introductory videos (PowerPoint / Camtasia, PaintShop Pro and Audacity. Produced English-French Glossary, Key Points for Training, translations of HMIs and conducted live translations of training by the Project Manager.






Developed the French (subtitled & voice-over) and German (subtitled) videos of ‘How to use ’Visorcat’, Marketing (EN & FR) and Investment Pitch videos for Business angels. Updated product user leaflet. Created Visorcat demonstration web site in WordPress.

New web site review.

2012 - 2013

Sword Technologies
Brussels, Belgium

Technical writing project for a Java, ORACLE-based purchasing system for selecting/managing experts for the European Commission. Wrote the User Manual, ‘reverse engineered’ the documentation to include the Business Rules and the Use Cases. Using MadCap Flare (v 9) managed and developed the HTML5 web help system.

2011- 2012


1st draft of a restructure / update look & feel of an Association web site; Research on document / help systems; provision of PACbase Analyst / Programmer to CRCO, EUROCONTROL.


Brussels, Belgium

SharePoint Wiki Help System, Education Seminars & Coaching: Building on the 2009-10 project, customized web Help was developed and used to provide education & training to administrators and users. 

2010 - 2011

Brussels, Belgium

Call for Tender for a €Multi-million Software, Training & System Development project: A 315-page document detailing 12 Work Packages for software, methods, business processes, development and support supported by an extensive Glossary and Summary List of Requirements. See Brussels Client Comments.

2009 - 2010

Brussels, Belgium

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Wiki and Content Management System for the documentation of the business processes and computer systems used for about €7bn of air route charges. Developed major, structured documents for the SharePoint Library, together with selection criteria.


Jack in the Box
Paris, France

Wrote the standard text in Information Mapping format for the French, database-driven proposal generation system used for an American journal subscription company.


Walldorf, Germany

Information Developer for two very technical writing projects: Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) and Intellectual Property Management. Used the proprietary SAP GUI, editors and Knowledge Warehouse with the EPIC XML editor in a Citrix environment. Writing to conform to the cascade of company documentation standards: general, enhancement packages and individual document types.

2007 - 2008

Brussels, Belgium

Communications Manager for MIS / Finance Directorate: all communication including Portal / email announcements for outsource consortium, web site maintenance and design, document management, Directorate Newsletters, business plans / management reports, presentations and production of software training videos. Service Delivery documentation. French/English interviews / translations.


Dublin, Ireland

Developed and presented a customized IT Operations & Security Compliance (SOX / ITIL) training course for 180 delegates. Developed online training version of IT Operations & Security Compliance. Documentation course incorporating video and voice over using Microsoft Producer. Subsequently developed standard and customised version of a Technical Writing course. See Ireland Client Comments.


Thomson NETg
London, UK

System / Country Administrator and User Guides for a Java e-learning system (PlusPack v4 & KnowledgeBank).


Lazulinil and Debreteuil
Luxor, Egypt / Paris, France

New design and galleries for www.lazulinil.com in English and French. Demonstration designs for Debreteuil and Finest French Food web sites.


ICO Polymers
UK, France, Netherlands, Italy

Managed a SOX testing project in four countries for a major American chemical company using ITIL. SOX 404 IT Controls testing by two CHL IT Auditors in France including IT Management, Change Control, Operations and Security testing. Then testing in the UK and the Netherlands and finally Italy. Developed Project Summary Report.


e-pay Ltd
Basildon, UK

e-pay provides the collection and distribution of electronic top-up services to mobile telephone operators. Provided SOX house style, Key Controls, reviews of policies and continuity plans, interviewing and the collection of information. Produced SOX descriptive Narratives and support:

  • Visio and Excel for complex diagrams and forms and provision of Word support.
  • Reviews & development of IT procedures, project / change management.
  • Conversion of reference documents; development of interactive templates.


France & Egypt

Built www.lazulinil.com web site in English and French on an Egyptian ISP.

2004 - 2005

Jefferson Wells / Black Box
Paris & London UK

Documentation and translation of accounting questionnaires, initial interviews, narratives, testing and the provision in French of corporate advice from the US consultancy for the httpss://www.chelverton.com/html/sox_projects.html project.

2004 & 2005

Planning Technologists Ltd, London clients

Conversion and update of https://www.project-planning.org/ using XDK Professional 2004. Provision of software from CHL web store and PC technical support for London clients; Information Mapping for public body Intranet.

2004 & 2005

Lodge in the forest & Chelsea Dental Cosmetics

Built www.Lodgeintheforest.co.uk, www.forestwalkingweekends.co.uk and https://www.chelseadentalcosmetics.co.uk/ websites (NetObjects Fusion).

2004 - 2005

Thomson NETg
London UK

Documentation study, System Administrator and User Guides for an Enterprise web-based Learning Management System (PlusPack v3).


Searchspace Ltd
London UK

Operations Guide, Windows and Web Client User Guides in English and French for Société Générale (Framemaker).


Lloyds TSB & TDM
London UK

Support Projects for Lloyds Group Policy and London Underground Communications. Systems Maintenance using HDK, Word and XDK.


Vodafone Ltd
Newbury, UK

Structure, design and editing of an €8M Euro proposal for a mobile private network (MVPN) and circuit switched session control (CSSC).


London UK

Design and development of Concepts Guide, Reference Manual and User Guide for new search system based on Bayesian Statistics (using Word, Acrobat and XDK).


Roche Products Ltd
Welwyn UK

Conversion of documentation for Regulatory Drug Safety database into single source document for print and Intranet. Developed complex templates with built-in Help (Word, Acrobat and HDK).

2001 – 2002

France & Korea

Design and development of web site, presentations and printed press material for the host broadcaster of the 2002 FIFA World CupTM. Installation and maintenance procedures, single-source support systems. Managed CD production and trained writers in development and maintenance.


Atos Origine
Lille, Paris & London

Help documentation for online banking and portfolio management system for administrators; Installation Guide for technical Support staff in Paris and Lille. Interviews in French, product in English. (France: Word, Acrobat and HTML).


Controlware GmbH
UK & Germany

Conversion of technical communications hardware documents to HTML with Java Table of Contents (Word, HDK).


AXA France

Lecturing and support on project planning & control in French (France).


Velizy, France

On-line documentation for mobile telephone network monitoring and back up systems (France: Arbortext and Interleaf).


London UK

US$15M proposal for ASP (Active Server Pages) Internet recruitment activity (Word).

2000- 2001

Philips Semiconductors BV. London/Eindhoven

European Foundation for Quality Management document for Philips worldwide.

1998 - 2000

Proteus Software
Birmingham, London UK

Managed and developed a major Master / 18-Slave Help system for UNIX ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) suite, software supply and training.

1998 - 2001

Gloucester, London

Intranet of policy information and on-line advice for financial call centre. (Word, HDK).


London UK

User guide for JD Edwards Award Management system of National Lottery (Word).


Velizy, France

UNIX middleware documentation for telecoms software (France: Interleaf, RoboHelp).

1998 - 2000

Druid, Hitec, Lincoln, Volvo. UK

Training in the use of the Help Authoring Tool HDK; Druid Intranet.


Data General, ING Barings. London UK

On-line Help for the marketing and sales database of a hardware vendor; Intranet.

1997- 1998

EFG Private Bank
London UK

On-line Help and training for a Sybase relational Private Client marketing database.


Integrated Sales Systems. London UK

On-line Help systems for core software and functional specifications.

1996 - 1997

London UK

On-screen information system for procurement management.

1994 - 1996

Bovis Construction
London UK

User manuals for contracting and construction management systems, on-line Help, templates for purchasing, proposal standards (Word, HDK).


LQHT Housing Trust
London UK

User guide (Ventura) and training courses for an Informix database system.

1990 - 1993

Milk Marketing Board
Thames Ditton UK

User guides and reference manual (Ventura) for collections, deliveries and payments systems. Outplacement training for marketing staff.

1989 - 1990

Earls Court & Olympia
London UK

Project management and development of User guides, training materials and presentations (Ventura).