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Mediathan’s expertise is in three main domains, which are the basis of its successful projects:

  • Advice,
  • Project startups
  • Project control

Advice, of course, is key. For in the Internet and multimedia sectors, even more than capital growth, businesses have the need for expertise need to define their strategic objectives. Médiathan’s project management expertise is confirmed through its project leaders having the European qualification in "Prince 2". This is a crucial area where a lack of clarity has often led to major drifts in term of costs and delays.

Médiathan provides control over project startups. Its strength lies, in its comprehensive network of specialized experts in the domains of Internet and multimedia. It is in a position to form multidisciplinary teams for our customers, meeting their needs in terms of graphics, of CD ROMs, of training tools, of Internet sites or videos. Depending on the size of the project and its technical sophistication, Médiathan has access to qualified experts in France and throughout Europe.


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