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Information Technology Consulting

Information Technology Consulting

CHL's independent consultants worked closely with many clients in these areas:

  • IT Strategy & Management
  • Hardware & Software selection
  • Management Information Systems
  • Techniques & Methods
  • Systems Documentation

Some were non-executive directors of well-known IT companies, others providing interim management support and others working on specific projects. The range of activities was from strategic IT management through the development of IT systems development standards to the development and delivery of training material. The development of systems or program documentation and the translation of these into meaningful user guides all form part of the CHL project work..

CHL projects included:

  • Design, development and maintenance of a web site, editing and production coordination of a corporate CD, press and presentation materials and the provision of software and training in France and South Korea for a broadcasting company.
  • Evaluation and implementation of software to produce single-source PDF and HTML files for business proposals and Help systems on the Internet.
  • Review and delivery of Planning &Tracking, Requirements & Estimation and Risk Assessment material for presentation in French in Paris. See Training
  • Study of design and documentation requirements for an innovative GSM-driven poster display mechanism
  • Research on Internet software for a venture capital company
  • Design and development of a suite of on-line Help systems for ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software.
  • Design and development of the Home site of an Intranet system for a significant financial services organisation.
  • Design and development of the Home site of an Intranet system for a successful consultancy and software implementation organisation.
  • Flotation of a specialist software house on the London stock exchange
  • Development of systems standards for an investment house in the city
  • Development and delivery of a PC systems for a wide range of small companies
  • Design and installation of PC networks for workgroups in local community projects, management consultancies
  • Design and development of user guides for a bespoke, complex suite of construction management software
  • Design and development of systems specifications and context-sensitive Help for a sales & marketing software company
  • Design and development of context-sensitive Help for the private client relational database of a private bank
  • Design and development of model Intranet system for business continuity documentation for a large international bank.