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The course is based on the most recent version of HDK v3.6 which handles Windows XP and also has the very useful function of access via side-entry!

This is an intensive course on Virtual Media’s HDK Help Authoring Tool. It is either presented as a 3-day course or provided as separate days to suit the client’s availability.

HDK Basic & Advanced Training

Day 1

Concepts of Windows Help, HTML Help, Internet and Intranet

What is it? What are the choices? Where are we going?

Information Access Methods

Structure, Groups, Hypertext, Application Help, Search Keys, Contents, Coding, Hypershelf.

The Project Files

Project Files, Documents, Graphics.

HDK Features

Importing Documents, Topics, Hypertext Links, Graphics, Indexes, SHG files, A-links, New windows, menus, and toolbars. Interactive usage.


Converting an existing document to an on-line document.

Day 2

Graphics on a PC

Capturing graphics, Segmenting graphics, Media Zoom, Pop-ups & Hypertext jumps.

Maintenance of a Project

Modifying text, graphics or structure, Testing, Hypershelf. Web Pages & HTML Help. Introduction to HTML production for different browsers, Introduction to HTML Help, its limits and future


Files needed, IT Involvement, Backup


Interactive use of HDK, creating topics, links, scripts, buttons, and indexes, SHG files, A-links, new windows, menus, and toolbars.

Day 3

Upgrading a system

Strategy & Processes

Planning and Pre-Analysis / Design, Development, Implementation.

Upgrading a Suite of systems

Compilation options, templates; new Associative indexes; consistency of text, graphics, look & feel; testing; implications for non-members of master / slave suite.


Dealing with different sources of text material; preparation for import to HDK. Preparation of screen captures; introduction to JASC Paint Shop Pro; segmented hypergraphics on menus. Indexing – simple for unique topic, across all topics and Associative Indexes, creation and use. Styling to ensure certain types of topic always appear in the same type of window. Related Topics and Scripts. Using the Gallery. Updating the Help on Help file. Updating the Glossary file.

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