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Finance Services

Financial advice continues to be a crucial area for the successful running of a business. Whether setting up a company, managing it, completing the legal requirements such as audit or merging, acquiring or disposing of a company, we can assist you.

Financial services are often provided in conjunction with Nick Bradbury. Nick is an international commercial and financial executive with strategic and operational experience across a wide range of industries / countries / cultures. His professional accounting and audit background enables leadership at senior management level in large scale corporate and project organizations, where planning and implementation are regularly performed under high pressure, to strict deadlines, in a team environment.

Nick divides his time between the UK (based near London) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), dependent on assignments, and through CHL can provide an efficient and cost effective range of business and accounting services for large and small enterprises.

We cannot only offer the obvious financial / commercial input (preparing / reviewing business plans, preparing policies & procedures manuals and the like) but also offer 'adjacent' advice / follow-up / review etc. of a European company’s operations / intentions in Asia either directly or through an extensive range of contacts in the region.

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