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Stephen Helms is an independent, senior consultant providing professional services to corporate clients and small businesses alike. The CHL consultant has many years experience in business and retains his independence whilst maintaining essential professional contacts and the facility to work in CHL or client project teams.

What is Consultancy?

“To take counsel together, deliberate, confer; to take counsel to bring about, to plan, devise, contrive; to provide for by consultation; to have an eye to; to ask advice of seek counsel from, to have recourse to for instruction or professional advice.”
Source: Shorter Oxford English Dictionary

So it was originally and is still, strictly to do with the giving and taking of advice or the cooperative working together of people with a common aim. However, as you well know, in today’s frenetic business world it is taken to mean a whole range of things encompassing not just advice but also:

  • Project Management
  • Provision of tools, techniques and training
  • Doing the job
  • Managing or being the ‘outsourcer’
  • Managing or being the ‘contractor’
  • Managing or being the ‘subcontractor’
  • Interim Management

Interim Management

As an independent consultant , I networked through a great many associates and therefore locked into their networks and thus into other Networks beyond. I was  therefore very often able to find the right person for the job, but at fees that are below those that you would expect to pay to one of the bigger Interim Management Agencies.

I did not limit myself to any one discipline because of the range of experience I had gained. What I  offered was a practical ad hoc service, which was proved to work.

In the past we had not concentrated on this area as a core service, but it proved to be an area where we were able to provide the right person at the right time and at the right price. If a client was seeking an Interim Manager, following contact we were often able to help. Considered us your partner CHL provided documentation, training and accountancy management on an interim basis for a number of IT clients.

As far as CHL was concerned, the definition or the role title mattered less than doing the appropriate work in conjunction with a client organization and their staff to meet a need in a friendly, professional and cost effective manner. CHL'sy aim was to meet the requirements of the project in such a way as to gain the confidence of managers and staff alike and to be invited back for further work when the occasion demanded.

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