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Clients / Comments

CHL has some marvellous clients many of whom have continued to use our services over many years - ever since CHL started life in 1989. Some clients allow us to quote their comments and there is a selection in the links below. (Other clients have a company policy not to allow such testimonials - but it does not mean that they are unhappy with our service!).

2021 Comments - Some commens lost in disk crash

2015-2020 Comments - The comments during the last few years.

2014 Comments -The comments: CV, Web site review, Video development.

Documents / Web - A selection of testimonials from clients of CHL’s Documentation / Technical Authoring Services.

Training / Sales - A selection of testimonials from clients of CHL’s Training, Marketing & Sales, Personal Computing and Finance services.

Comments Ireland - A selection of testimonials from the attendees of the IT Operations & Security Compliance courses in Ireland August to October 2006.

Comments Brussels - 2008-2012: A selection of comments while CHL provided documentation services, SharePoint development, a Call for Tender and a Communications Manager for the IT department of a prominent European air traffic organization: EUROCONTROL.


See also Client List - A selection of CHL clients since 1989.