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Professional documentation Approach

... is simple in principle & successful in practice

Initial Study

The typical approach is to conduct a short consultancy study comprising research into the activity, the subject matter, meetings for clarification and the production of a plan for the development.

The plan will often include a demonstration of the type of Help / Internet / Intranet / Wiki system to be developed or, in the case of a document, a detailed contents structure. Another important issue is the identification of a ’Champion’ - a person in the client organization who has a vested interest in the project and its successful completion.


The development phase comprises the creation of the first draft text and visual aids and review by CHL, the delivery of the first draft, its review by the Champion and the incorporation of comments and corrections. A second CHL review is then followed by review and sign off by the client.

Training & Handover

Very often a client decides that, although the documentation is effective and complete, a further exercise is required to ‘sell’ it and its usage to client and the client’s customers.

CHL will then build and present appropriate training material.

In many cases training is also provided in using the techniques or software tools provided during the project, enabling subsequent maintenance to be performed in-house.

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For details of what a good technical author should be able to do, see:
National Occupation Standards.