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2007-11 Brussels

2007-2011 Brussels

Comments from a major client in Brussels:

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2011 SharePoint Wiki Help System, Education Seminars & Coaching
2011 Call for Tender for the Software Development Framework Project
2009-2010 SharePoint Wiki / Content Management System
2007-2008 Newsletters, Reports and web sites


2011 SharePoint Wiki Help System, Education Seminars & Coaching

"It has been a pleasure working with Stephen Helms. He is an expert in his field, a trustworthy and reliable professional, dedicated to his clients.
Stephen impressed me with his human skills, his technical understanding and his determination to bring projects into motion. He is able to communicate and motivate all people inside a project to make things happen, while keeping a moderate profile, which is very pleasant for his colleagues. I warmly recommend him and I hope our roads will cross again."

Service Category: IT Consultant
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
Véronique Martou
VAT & Customer Relations at EUROCONTROL CRCO

“Thank you for helping us. The user manuals are now more user-friendly and centralised. In the future, newcomers will no longer depend on ad hoc training and unreadable manuals but can rely on decent manuals in addition to the practical work. Even for those with long experience in our business, the fact that everything is now written down, should give more consistency in daily routines.
Much appreciated!

Henri Vermeesch
R3 Billing Agent & SharePoint user/administrator CRCO

Stephen Helms, in a short space of time, was able to understand, grasp and transform a most complicated system into an easy to read and use for administrators and users. He managed those involved with great tact and enthusiasm showing great humanity and professionalism. A true and utter professional that I recommend to any firm.

Celine Massinon
R3 Billing & Claims at EUROCONTROL CRCO

Seminars & Coaching

93% of delegates assessed the Objectives as clearly defined and met.
64% of delegates’ overall assessment was Excellent; 29% Good.
71% of delegates assessed the instructor (S Helms) as Excellent; 29% Good.

Help System

Users rated the custom Help pages as ‘Very Helpful’, ‘Good’ or ‘Essential’.

2011 Call for Tender for the Software Development Framework Project

A 315-page document detailing 12 Work Packages for a € Multimillion software, methods, business processes, development and support project, supported by an extensive Glossary and Summary List of Requirements.

"Stephen provided his services for the writing of the Call for Tender for the second phase of the Software Development Framework Project.

This project is considered by the CRCO as the most important project over the past 10 years as it aims at in first instance rewriting the applications with a new development language and subsequently implementing system improvements to make productivity gains and be able to better meet emerging requirements. It is organized into 4 phases of which phase 2 consists of rewriting the software application related to the billing processes of a system generating a yearly income of over €7 billion for the air navigation services provided by 44 contracting States.

Stephen provided an excellent service:
Thanks to his technical writing and IT skills Stephen managed to understand CRCO business processes quickly and was able to transcribe them in a precise, clear and concise manner.

His duty needed also excellent interpersonal competences as he was required to discuss and clarify processes very frequently with CRCO staff. This allowed the CRCO to publish the Call for Tender on time and with minimum subsequent modifications”

Emmanuel Dettwiller
Manager of the Software Development Framework Project, CRCO, EUROCONTROL

Stephen is highly competent in his domain, and a very pleasant person too. His approach to problems and his advices are always very sensible, grounded as they are in a vast experience. He can be relied upon to provide very good results. (July 26, 2011)

Top qualities: Personable , Good Value , On Time
Hired Stephen in 2010.
Olivier Tribel, IT Expert, R2 CRCO

2009-2010 SharePoint Wiki / Content Management System

Comments below concern the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Wiki and Content Management System for the documentation of the business processes and computer systems used for nearly €7bn of air route charges. The project included development of major structured documents for the SharePoint Library, together with content, unit and ownership criteria for selection.

“Dear Mr Helms,
You have developed a comprehensive User Manual mapping our processes and showing how to use our application software. This manual has been hosted on wiki, enabling end-users to access
freely to it.
You had to interview our staff for collecting documents, formalizing knowledge and  validating  results. I must say that your inter-personal skills were invaluable for achieving such an impressive result. Getting the users’ buy-in was not so easy and there is no doubt that your courteous result-oriented attitude was an essential building block !”

Mr. J. P. Soyer, Head of Unit R3, CRCO, EUROCONTROL.


«Cher  Stephen,
Cela faisait longtemps que l’on attendait un manuel d’utilisateur qui nous permettrait de répertorier,  sauvegarder et tenir à jour ces processus complexes qui constituent notre travail quotidien.
En un temps relativement court et dans un environnement pas très aisé, les gens ne disposant pas de trop de temps à te consacrer, tu as su, par ta compétence, ta patience et ta gentillesse, mener à bien cette tâche.
Quelques clics de souris et nous découvrons l’information recherchée. Enfin c’est devenu presqu’un plaisir de naviguer à l’intérieur de nos propres documents.
Ceux qui prendront notre relève apprécieront

“Dear Stephen
We were waiting a long time for a user manual to allow us to catalogue, save and keep up to date the complex processes which comprise our daily work.
In a relatively short time and in an environment which was not very easy and where staff did not have much available time, you knew how, through your competence, your patience and kindness, to lead this task well.
A few mouse clicks and we can discover the information we seek. At last it has become almost a pleasure to navigate the interior of our own documents.
Those who take over from us will appreciate it!
Thank you.”

Billing and Permanent Data Section


2007-2008 Newsletters, Reports and web sites

Below is a selection of the written comments concerning the Newsletters, Reports and web sites produced as interim Communications Manager in Brussels during 2007-2008:

"Stephen is a strong customer minded, supportive and experienced professional. Next to his vast experience in the area of "communication", he is perfectly able to provide insights and support on all sorts of practical, methodological and organizational topics.
For me, working with Stephen was not only a pleasant experience, but also a very enriching one, given his broad knowledge, experience and the way in which he shares it with others.
I'm already looking forward to work with you again!"
Stefan Oers
Principal Consultant (Change & Quality), Ausy Belgium
Process Consultant
Dear Mr. Helms,
Let me add my own thanks to you for the good work that you have done in supporting Wendy and Nick on these efforts. I am also quite satisfied with the new outlook of the DF Monthly Report(s) and I would be looking forward to their further improvements, for which we would also be counting on your support.

Best regards,
Director Finance
I would just like to share my view on the quality of what you are delivering: you have definitively set a new standard at MIS and are largely contributing to our communication efforts. Time has come to make even better use of that material, and I'm looking to enlarge our audience.
Many thanks
MIS Business Relationship / Strategic Marketing Manager
The new MIS site is a lot easier to navigate.  Looks great!

EATM Web Support Team (EATM/DAS/BMA)
Je dois te remercier pour le Tip (Table contents creation, update and formatting) publié dernièrement, j'avais quelques bases mais ton cours on-line était super et tombait à pic dans un moment où j'étais trop occupée pour chercher plus avant.

Poursuis ces bonnes idées qui nous facilitent la vie professionelle et surtout la rendent plus efficaces.

There is a real difference between the previous newsletters and yours.
We really want to read them and wait for the next one to see if there is something new.
Thank you  very much!
MIS Purchasing
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the Word Tip Video (now that I've actually looked and listened to it). I can use this to "educate" those who contribute to the report, or those who may have to do it in my absence. That has made my job easier (once again).

Secretary to DF
Just wanted to say that your Newsletter is really good, interesting.
Best regards,
Congratulations for the Word Tip of the month in the DF Newsletter of June 2007. Very nice.

MIS Service Delivery Manager
The PKF is a very good article summarizing well the subject.
DF/FiM Accountant
Great video!!!
An excellent Newsletter again !!!!! thumbs up !

DF/MIS/PMO (project Management Office)
Great Job! Especially the Word tip.

MIS Service Delivery Manager
En tous cas, merci pour votre texte, toujours intéressant et agréable à lire.
Bonne journée.
Chef de l'Unité de gestion des ressources et du partenariat - DF/RPM
Thank you for the article, it sounds very good to me and provides a fair reflection of the progresses made so far towards better financial reporting.

Head of Internal Audit
[Re Newsletter February 2008]

Stephen, this is well done.

Senior Head of Section, MIS Service Delivery