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A new CV

Your overhaul is great, particularly the editing of my summary and achievement sections.
In virtually every instance your judgement is sound. Thanks for inserting hyperlinks, better spacing and clear subtitles within the career history, and I agree with your year (rather than month and year presentation). A very good job - thanks.

Paul Myers
IT Consultant, Developer, Documenter, Mentor

Video Development

Comments concerning a series of video productions for a cleaning system for motorcycle visors.

Re French Voice-over & Subtitle version:
Goodness me! We’re overwhelmed! I never knew my French was so good! And Jill compliments your accent! Seriously this is fabulous! Thank you so much! 
Andy Pringle, Operations Director, Visorcat.

Re German sub-title version:
In your debt again! Thank you - we'll show it to our agents when we meet again on Thursday.

Re Marketing video:
Very good!

Re Investment Pitch video:
The video is top stuff. Thanks, thanks and a thousand thanks!

Jill Boulton, Managing Director, Visorcat (www.visorcat.com)

CV & Update

Un tout grand merci pour ton aide sur mon cv ! tu es un vrai pro ! Je l’utiliserai très certainement !
(A big thank you for your assistance on my CV. You are a real pro. I will definitely use it!).
Personal CV, Belgium
[The person got both jobs!]

Web Site Review

Hi Stephen, 
I really appreciate you taking time out on reviewing our web site. You have made some very valid points which I'll definitely take on-board.  I'm meeting up with another editor tomorrow so I'll also get his viewpoints. I'll let you know how that goes and will definitely be making some changes which have been inspired by you!
Best regards,
Debby McKenna, Managing Director,www.clarityinit.co.uk