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6. My Resource Center
This section details the Resource Center part of the
Side Menu.
6.1 Search topics
From the Home / Welcome screen, if your organization has chosen to install the
Search box facility, you can search in the Catalogs, Curricula or Courses for any
element you wish.
Search within the Course Catalog allows you to search for course(s) from the
complete catalog so you can add one or more to your Training Plan.
To search for a course:
Enter a keyword in the search box. You can refine your search by limiting it to only those courses in
your Learning Plan.
icon. The search will take a short time (depending on your connection speed) and will then
display the results, indicating the accuracy of the match with a red bar graphic.
Hover your mouse over the graphic to view the percentage accuracy and over the icons in the left hand
column to view the meaning in a Tool Tip.
You can take actions on a course by clicking on the buttons or icons as described in
Course Catalog